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Has anybody made a planter out of old car tyres?

I spotted these while looking up big planters and thought they were interesting but how hard is it to make?

Has anybody any thoughts on if they like them or not and what flowers would you put in them?


These planters are cut into shapes and turned inside out to make the planter.



 These tyre planters are nice and bright painted with lots of flowers.

But all the tyre planters have holes in the bottom what do you put into the hole to keep dirt in?

 Sorry spelt tyre wrong on title


I have added some pictures now would you paint tyres?

What would you paint them with? or would you keep them black?


Any thoughts please


Nice idea-Bob Flowerdew in his tv appearances was always showing off his tyre planters

As for cutting them -not sure how easy that is- remember tyres are not just rubber there are metal reinforcements as well

I would guess that any sort of paint would do-I would experiment with bits that you have left-over-providing the tyre was cleaned up first-I again guess you just line with plastic with a few holes for drainage

Have no pratical experience of this-so just my thoughts

Thanks Sotongeoff

Thats a thing to think about how to cut the tyres and what with.

Have a bit of garden wood paint left it will be good if that would work.

Just need to go and ask for a free tyre to get started, then I will begin.


Alina W

As far as I know you can use standard gloss paint on them, and it lasts well. One of my relatives got some tyres when the fashion first arose in the 1970s, and they were still going strong when she died last year.



Whay a lovely photo - too late for an olympic ring display! Depending on the diameter of the tyre you could probably set in a self watering hanging basket in each one - making it easier to change the display and water too. Or you may need to put in a base using odd bits of wood to give support and the set in a pot or old compost bag with holes and fill idea how you would go about cutting them though. I also think a chat with your local, friendly tyre fitter might be in order to turn them inside out using his machine/tools!

Thats a good idea to turn the tyre inside out if they can do that at a tyre fitters shop.

The photos are from google, I would like to make some tyre planters like those photos.

Anybody got any further ideas or thoughts on tyre planters?


My only thought would be; if you are going to grow anything edible, think about toxins in the rubber. That said; I use pressure treated timber for my slightly raised veg bed even though some people suggest not to.

Thanks artjak

Just going to grow flowers in the tyre, didn't think about toxins in the tyre rubber - does that affect growing flowers?


I had one of these tyres at my last house, can't remember where it came from, I painted it with stone colured masonry paint to match my garage, sad I know, filled it with bizzy lizzies and it looked lovely. We left it behind when we sold the house

They are extremely heavy and difficult to move.

So I guess to put it in the right place to start with and don't try and move it when it is full of compost and plants.

So no one would try to pinch it then if they like it?

Thank Sotongeoff will have a look at freecycle

The tyres on freecycle still have their wheel rims, do you know if a garage would take these off for free if you asked them to?


Dunno-might do-if you get them at no cost-you have nothing to lose by asking

A lot of stuff on freecycle goes very quickly btw if you haven't used it before

Smile sweetly at a Kwik-Fit fitter



Gardengirl, I love these tyre/pots, in the photo they look like lead planters. If you had a v. big tractor tyre it could make a splendid raised pond.

Thanks Sotongeoff for recommending freecycle.

I asked if they still had the tyres and they did.

I hadn't got anything off freecycle before so this is good to get the tyres for free, managed to get them this evening so will have to look at them in the daylight tomorrow but do feel just right.

Have to design the tyres shaping at the top and get ready to cut out.  

Just a lot to be done now, to cut the tyres and struggle to turn them inside out, will have to see if they look good black colour before deciding whether to paint them.

But I think it is going to be hard grafting ahead. What do you think?



Yay-a success and you have wheel rims as well

I think you are going to be using a bit of bad language-will make sure my windows are shut


A tyre garage gave me some free tyres for a garden project and took any nails out and they were already without heavy wheel rims. Good if you only have a tiny space to grow stuff.