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Bunny ...
Lovely to still have the memory . I have her book , lovely to browse through .

Bunny ,Who would not want more of Alys .



Alys also one of my gardening gurus.

I like their practical and pragmatic approach, underpinned by an intoxicating love of plants.

Caz W

Really like Carol and Alys (and their dogs).  Love Carol's book on propagation too - definitely not a book that just sits on the shelf gathering dust!  Best tip I had from Alys was about how to clean grubby gardening hands - just put some sugar, olive oil and washing up liquid in the palm of your hand and rub until the sugar has dissolved and then wash it off.  Really works


Bunny ...
Oooh thanks Caz il try that.

Wonder if their dogs pinch their pots, plants , gloves , trowel , mat, .....
Gardening Grandma

I really like Carol Klein, but I was disappointed in her garden. This is the pot calling the kettle black, but I thought it was a bit of a mess. (Might have been in a poor mood because we had trouble finding it and OH was tetchy). Lots of lovely plants but it was semi-wild and looked as though the plants were there more to be dug up and sold in pots than to create a beautiful environment. The house is uninhabited (or was then) and as a result the whole thing had a slightly depressed, abandoned air. Perhaps I'm in a minority of one! Anyway, I bought some nice plants.

Yes, it isn't the easiest place to find is it? One of the reasons I liked it so much was that it felt like a real plant lover's garden, not a showpiece. I think she was living there when I visited, saw her there anyway
Gardening Grandma

Actually, on reeflection, perhaps i culd explain the mess in mine by saying it is a plant-lovers garden. I'm not being sarcastic, figrat, I realise this is a matter of taste. The plants were interesting, and it clearly is a genuine plantlovers garden.

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