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Well I enjoyed cottage garden with carol Klein it has given me a lift on this cold foggy evening???hope everyone else enjoyed it too ???

Always does!  Carol is an inspiration to all aspiring gardeners

Rose lady

Loved her programme...shes great!!! Definately brought some sunshine into our living room. Thanks Carol

Not too many of our tv presenters show the enthusiasm for plants that carol Klein does. She knows her plants and ENJOYS growing them.

I wish it could have been a new version it's a repeat, but Carol is always worth watching. 


Oh, that's a pity if it's a repeat. I hadn't seen last nights prog before but I guess I may have seen some of the rest.
flowering rose

I love her programme,I could watch with out the sound but I wouldn't learn anything if I did.

I loved it too and will make a point of watching, despite seeing the whole of the series before.  Carol is just brilliant and I love her enthusiasm.  It's beautifully shot (and I love seeing her dogs and cats....)  She always makes me want to get out there and garden.

I watched prog on Friday. Loved the 4 grasses in the brick garden.  Can't find name.

Sounded like hacinumkloa!!!!!  Can anyone help?



Sorry, link doesn't want to play. It is hakonechloa as Kate says

Bunny ...
Wish we could have a new program of hers , got me taking cuttings and they worked. Same for toby, joe and Alys much preferred gardeners world with them as I am a novice I find monty more for the experts with fancy gardens . Just my opinion don't shoot me .

On my way back to the US (Whidbey Island) and spent the night at a Heathrow hotel.  I woke up to Carol's wonderful gardening show.  My winter has been much the same as yours in the UK, soggy and windy.  What I enjoyed so much about Carol's show was that she transitioned back and forth from Summer and Autumn to Winter.  Found it to be refreshing and encouraging as I look forward to Summer to return and the return of my northern region garden.  Cheers!



I just love Carol Klein, so full of enthusiasm, and love of her garden. I dont seem to be able to propagate like she does though!, 

Bunny ...
No wish I could propagate as well as Carol does .

I actually went to her garden a year or so ago. Very inspiring, and the planting's quirky, rambling and gives space for things that have decided that that's the space they want to grow in, but all are thriving. As I remember, roughly split in 2, sunny terraces and a wandering shady woodland area. Really worth visiting it in real time if you can. And there's a nursery too where you can cart off treasures.

Bunny ...
She closed it didn't she figrat , something to with neighbour dispute .

Yup. But I still have the memory.