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Excellent photos. I need inspiration for my garden. I want to change the shape of the lawn and the border contents so your photos really help!

Victoria Sponge wrote (see)

Hi Salino,

I don't know anything about grasses but if I can read the stand number correctly (GPH5?) it is Eversley Nursery's stand according to the catalogue.

Maybe they can help you with the grass...

Victoria....I'm so so grateful to you...I didn't think of looking for the stand no.. I have found the nursery and been onto their website...very nice it is too. and I do believe I have found the grass in question...Ampelodesmos what a mouthful.... 

...your a star !


..after all that... I have found it's not very hardy in Britain...[sad face]... I had wondered why I'd not heard of it before..I think it's a type of Arundo...oh well,....never mind


Mauritanicus is the clue.  I find none of the pennisetums or stipas is hardy enough in my garden but carex, molinia and miscanthus are very happy.   Many of them can be grown from seed so have a look here - I've been very pleased with them.



My problem is all those gardens look nice and what I want my garden to look like. Borrowing bits for each does not make a masterpiece alas!

All good photos Obelixx - you have made me want to go next year. I wonder if I could hire a van to take home what I would like?

I got the nurseryman / woman side of chelsea and their displays are fantastic & their dedication must be over whelming.

But why do the city of Birmingham have a display ( even though I thought it was by far the best one shown on t.v ) what have they got to gain from it ? But who see's the  show gardens & thinks " oh must get one of them " Do the designers get a tap on the shoulder from Premiership players who ask them to build them the same down the road a little bit ?



Places like Birmingham get prestige and recognition which must be a help when fighting funding cuts from the Council.   Town and Parks departments are not to be sniffed at.  Alan Titchmarsh and Roy Lancaster both started in their local department.   At Tatton there's a whole section on municipal plantig and displays with medals and prizes to be won and career paths to be smoothed.

The nurserymen and women get loads of orders from their stands at Chelsea and so, undoubtedly, do the garden designers so yes, it's all about networking and generating business.   Lots of the gardens end up in a new home too. 

A few years ago one was bought lock, stock and barrel by a man who wanted an instant garden for his new home.   Some, such as the Alzheimers or Hope for Heroes get rebuilt at homes or hospitals which provide special care.   Bunny Guinness's potager garden was rebuilt in a London school to help with teaching their curriculum.    Chris Beardshaw built one of his gardens with teh help of the special needs kids who lived in the home and garden that inspired it.

Don't be fooled by the superficial glamour.  Lots of good stuff comes out of Chelsea and is aided and abetted by the RHS.


..thanks for the link obelixx...that site looks really good....

Fair point well put

But I guess I must just be stuck in the local flower show, summer fete kind of gardening with talcum powder on your onions & marrows in wheelbarrows


I think you need to be more open minded and try a new experience.

There are some amazing displays of veggies - one done by veg growers from WG Robinson - - and the others on the Waitrose stand where they mixed fruit and veg with flowers for some amazing.  Both very inventive and there are also potager and mini allotment displays in the floral marquee - and a very good one all done by schools in the RHS school gardening project which is in my photos.

I take my hat of to you sir/madam ??

The photo's are outstanding & I have NO trouble in seeing the beauty & workmanship / skill in producing the gardens / displays like I said previously Birmingham councils was exceptional. But why does South Africa have a garden ( I guess you may tell me that the R.H.S is a worldwide organisation )(If so why not Australia/Canada/India ect ect )(I have a feeling you are going to tell me All in previous years)

All the plant producers displays must have been a wonder to look at or they would not have paid the vast premiums they must be charged for having a stall at the show. The gardens that look as if they have always been there with moss on stones & the likes great( rather like Titchmarshes) But many of the others do not seem to resemble nothing one is ever likely to see again anywhere. Take that thing the other year by Durmaid Gavin high rised ??


South Africa is a large exporter of cut flowers which contributes a great deal to the country's balance of payments - Chelsea is a brilliant shop window for them to show off the wide variety they can produce.  


Glad you liked the photos Dogbowl.  There are some from pervious years here -

and here - I was in a wheelchair after foot surgery so not so many photos.   I have photos from previous years too.

Many of the Chelsea gardens get recreated somewhere after the show and Diarnuid Gavin's Sky Garden has just been installed in a new garden regeneration project in Cork.

Many of our most popular garden flowers originate in South Africa - pelargoniums,  osteospermums, agapanthus, crocosmia, euphorbias, gerberas and many more as well as houseplants so it's nromal for South Africa to have a stand displaying their wares to earn potential tourist or export incomes.  Same for Thailand with its garish display of colourful orchid flowers.

There's a page on the RHS website for applications to design a garden or have a trade stand so it would seem that anyone can apply but they have to pass the selection process.  I'd expect the main expense would come from all the time and money spent on getting plants and display materials just right and at their peak at the right time but it would all be recouped in the value of the free pubicity. 



Obelixx I saw this thread when you first posted it but didn't follow the links as I watched all the BBC coverage on the iplayer and was all Chelsea'd out!!  Just been having a look today and I think they should employ you next year, I saw a lot more of the gardens than I did on the tv.  Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, they're lovely photos and much more "Chelsea" than the BBC coverage.


My pleasure Daisy.  I take the photos to help me remember because sometimes it's like being in an art gallery where visual saturation is reached after about the 10th picture.

This year in particular was striking for the similarity of planting material but also the different ways they were used and I have whole beds to renovate so the photos are a handy reference point.

It was also very different from last year - Photos taken from a wheelchair (foot surgery) so not so many and fewer angles.



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