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Here are links to photos I took on Tuesday - Enjoy.

Main gardens -

Artisan gardens -

Floral pavillion -




Wow!! Obelixx, great photos. I feel I've seen more of the gardens than I did on TV when there was an awful lot of people talking to each other, instead of showing the plants and gardens. Thank you, you're a star


..fantastic...thanks so much... I still like the tropical beach garden with hut..and the artisan Japanese garden with all those Acers...

obelixx...if you get a second and it's not too much trouble... could you upload 2 photos for me to this site, from the Grand Pavilion shots... no.s 4 and 5...of the ornamental grasses and the next one of Hosta's.... I would like to try and identify a couple of plants there and I note they are labelled... but cannot zoom in on your photobucket.... be great if you could, but no bother if you can't...



Thanks Busy.   I didn't get them all and, as you can see, some intrigued or impressed me more than others so more photos.

For me, the Potters Garden and Topiarists garden are the best of the Artisan gardens and, on the whole, more inventive and also more achievable by we ordinary gardens.  I didn't like the Fresh gardens.

Of the main gardens, the St George's garden grows on me every time I look at the pics again and I could quite happily take home all of the Heros' garden and the planting in the Stoke garden.  Cleve West had lovely plants and combinations but also some I really didn't like and I don't want a desert oasis for a garden.  I found the Best in Show and Daily Telegraph gardens rather sterile and boring.   Don't want those either.

Great day out but I got home on Wednesday evening to find my village had had a humdinger of a hailstorm on Tuesday night which has completely wiped out my 8 huge rhubarb plants, denuded one of my blueberries, scalped and shredded 2 blackcurrants, 3 clematis, all my hostas, some newly planted ligularia, geums and cleomes, fuchsias in hanging baskets, all my newly potted up tomatoes and chillies and other seedlings.    Very dispirited about the whole thing.


Lovely pix obelixx. I agree with you - I liked those two Artisan gardens very much.  I also didn't care for Cleve West's planting, though I normally really like his designs.I like structural gardens, which many don't, as I like a peaceful place, so I did like the winning garden and the Telegraph one - we're all different aren't we!

But it's all about creating something for people to discuss and debate....job done I think 

So sorry about the damage to your own garden. I hope you can get some decent weather to try and repair some of it. We gardeners are always battling the weather in one way or another. It's very disheartening when you would normally  be expecting the garden to burst into life at this time of year.



I like structure too but the DT was too neat and controlled and the BiS is too one dimensional for me.   Once the lupins go over there's nothing much left to look at except hard grey stones and the water.  I also really dislike euphorbias.

Really good to see iris sibirica as well as all their bearded sisters, and lots of forms and colours of aquilegias, verbascums, astrantias, foxgloves and alliums and lots of lysimachia beaujolais which is gorgeous.


obelixx, I think I must have similar taste to you then.

So sorry about the hailstorm. Heartbreaking, it's happened here before. We had a huge storm on Wednesday too, but not hail, just rain to batter the roses, but someone in a local village died when the roof of her barn caved in and several thousand homes were without electricity in Dordogne.


Fabulous photos, thanks for sharing 


Salino - can't upload with the tree symbol for some reason so try this -



Hope they're the ones you wanted.

Busy - we lost electricity too, but not the barn roof or any people thank goodness.   You're not that far from where we holiday in the Charente so it'll be interesting to learn if they've had the storms.


hi obellixx....thanks for much, yes they were the ones I wanted but unfortunately I still cannot zoom in on them, but not to worry....I was interested in a couple of plants and wanted to read the labels... those Hosta's look gorgeous don't they...? and I'm not a lover of them normally.

...sorry to hear about your garden..sounds like a tornado of sorts ripped through it... very best wishes...



Cracked it now but can't turn the one on its side.





..that's fantastic.!...thanks so much... I cannot quite see the names on the Hosta's but I've figured out one of the 2 grasses.. the other I'm still  gorgeous aren't they...?


Obelixx thank you for this thread I've loved looking at your pictures. Sorry to hear about damage in your garden.

Obelixx - thank you so much for sharing your fantastic photos

Fabulous photos.  Help for Heroes does it for me in these photos.  Great to see some of the pavilion content.



..can anyone help me out here the middle photo above, of the ornamental grasses...the one that is sideways but turns the right way up when I click on it...there is a grass at the top just under the large photo or whatever it is... at a glance it reminds one of Stipa gigantea but it isn't that... I think it begins with 'A'..but cannot read it, the second word might begin with 'e... it's got lovely buff coloured spikes of flowers on it...

..I want one..!    thanks for any help ...


What stunning photos obelixx. Thanks for sharing.  Really sorry to hear of the damage to your plants and hope you can salvage some of them.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Salino,

I don't know anything about grasses but if I can read the stand number correctly (GPH5?) it is Eversley Nursery's stand according to the catalogue.

Maybe they can help you with the grass...

Sorry to inform you But I Dont get Chelsea !!

Yes I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. But why ?

I thought Monty looked scruffy in an other sized jacket that appeared to me representative of one been in the boot of the car for a few days prior to wearing.


Chelsea is all about excellence in plant growing, breeding, collecting and developing.  The best nurserymen and women show their wares on their own stands as well as supplying plants to the show gardens which are intended to showcase new plants, new materials and new trends.  

It's also a showcase for trade stands selling water features, sculptures, furniture, conservatories, greenhouses, garden tools and machinery, gardening clothes and sundries so it's also about British jobs and British goods and the British economy.

It's also a fun day out for people who like plants and there's a wide mix of those from all walks of life and many nations, usually all friendly and chatty.

There's plenty to "get" whether you like the format or not.

I do, however, agree about Monty's eccentric suiting.  He should get a proper one if he's to do it again.