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(That's one of these ........................) !'s cracked in two places, so it was destined for the bin!  But I may use it as a planter. I've got a terracotta pot that will fit in the top, so that's no problem. Can you suggest a plant which would be OK in the front appature? It would be dark inside towards the rear, but the front would get a fair amount of light.

Any ideas? 



I have exactly the same thing - ours got bumped by a builder and we didn't know that there was a problem until weeks later. I have Bacopa in mine and it faces the sun. Seems to work.

Not heard of that one! Just Googled it. Seems a good choice. Thanks, I've made a note of it - I'll be at our garden centre tomorrow, I'll see if they have one. Thanks. 


They sometimes sell it for hanging baskets.

Went to 2 garden centres but couldn't get any suitable plants. So I had to re think my plan!
The lid that usually sits on top of the chimmney when it's not in use, was placed INSIDE the chimmney and held up with a piece of aluminiun tube. (see the first photo )

 It was a fiddly job and made easier by turning the chimmney upside down, ( see the second photo ) . I had to cut a piece of tube to clear the lids knob. This doesn't need to be a tight fit, as a loose fit gives a gap around the lid to act as a drain hole. The top of the chimmney is now a self contained plant pot!


I drilled 3 large holes in the base of the chimmney ( I did this first by the way)! Then sprayed the tube with matt black paint to disguise it. Then filled the base with gritty compost.

A House leek went into the base and a different type of Houseleek went into the top - this one was in a pot and overflowing so I took care to keep the over flowing effect when planted in the top.

Anyway......... if you haven't understood a word, here's the finished planter ...........!



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