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My garden in West London was 'ever so tasteful', shades of green and a bit of blue and frankly rather boring. Now I am under the huge skies of the fens, surrounded by green fields I want colour! I no longer care about 'good taste' having had 40 odd years of working in Interior Design as a mural painter; I want the colours and shapes that I like. Unlike wintersong I can't define the 'feeling' that I am aiming for, perhaps to define it would mean that I would have to move onto something new.


Oh nut, I so know what you mean! and then plants spoil the colour scheme because they don't like the soil or situation so you just have to make do. Sometimes it works out well. Then you think I'll do blue and yellow and you find the plants don't flower at the same time!


Yes B-L not flowering together is another problem. This year is extreme for things not flowering at the right time and some are held back by cold much more than others.


Love most colours, try to match them but can't help myself, if I like it then it goes in.  My greatest successes have always been accidental combinations.  That's part of the thrill


. Next doors garden (dog run) I started to dig up and turn into garden this time last year. One year on  ---


 Ist pic is Left Hand side, supposed to be wildflowers but Hesperis look like they're on steroids, and the oxeye daisies aren't out yet.

Bottom pic is to be the long border. Mainly hot perennials but annuals added in for colour.


Keyser Soze

I've recently been going for purest green! At least mostly foliage as it's a new-ish garden so have been concentrating on the main structure till I can colour in the spaces. Like previously mentioned nature always seems to have it sown up so I tend to just stick in anything I fancy if the structure seems right. I know you can go for different effects such as reds and oranges to make a hot theme but it's hard to break out of a theme once created. I find that putting the most different things together foliage wise shows each plant off to it's best so if I had to give any answer it would have to be predominantly green!

love foliage colours of yellows and purples.  they need to be well apart to create impact, etc., but purple/red/brown foliage gives a rich tone to the garden.  yes, green is essential too and plenty of it

Jess is in the Garden

My next door neighbour is yellow fascist too Bookertoo - and at aged 45 has only 1 orange plant in her whole garden!


..I try to avoid pink v orange but otherwise I enjoy a whole range of colours here and there... I especially like, in July or August, a splash of very strong orange/red from a group of plants of the same variety... either orange/red Hemerocallis/ Crocosmia/ or tender perennial Alonsoa 'Rebel' for instance... from a distance it makes it look as though that section is ablaze...on fire... I like that type of thing...


fidgetbones, I love those borders.

 I agree with nut about this years flowering; I've still got tulips flowering in pots, and the delphiniums are not quite there yet.


I like everything everywhere, all at once. I made an impulse buy last week and got some mini white carnations (because they looked nice and I love the smell). Now I've put them by some magnificent white creeping stuff and am beginning to think I've mad a mistake - it's a bit boring. There's room for more plants so I'll probably throw in a heap of alyssum of all different shades, or maybe something else that grows riotous.

Must admit though, if I have a choice of plants in the garden centre I'm drawn to deep reds. I'm wary of mixing red and white though, for fear of being told off. My Mother in Law was a nurse and when she first started work she was given a rocket for putting red and white flowers in a vase together. Apparently it's bad luck. I wasn't allowed to have red and white flowers for my wedding, but yellow and white as nice.

...actually I wasn't allowed to have green bridesmaid dresses. My mother thought that was bad luck!

I like the colours in your border fidget.


I was a nurse for nearly 50 years, and indeed, red and white flowers were deeply frowned upon - to the point where one of my senior nurses took a yellow flower from one persons vase to put in another!!  However, that won't arise these days as you're not allowed to have flowers in the hospital these days - those flowers you know, they killed so many people!!!

I love mixed borders, and am always amazed by how lovely some peoples are, especially when they are disciplined as as to what they buy or grow - mine are not disciplined, but are lovely too, just in a different way.  


every shade of colour goes in my garden, beats an overgrown weedy garden full of rubbish.

must admit to liking orange in the garden but not too many that orange geum, echinaceas, dahlia, and hoping my new heleniums will throw up a satisfying orange. 

orange anyone?



I think that my favourite colours change according to the season. In spring I love bright  clear colours,yellow particularly because it cheers me up after winter.  Summer brings hot reds, autumn I like yellow and oranges and tawny colours. Maybe this is because the shade of green background is changing, from light green of new leaves, through to dark green and then Brown and Red by Autumn. I'm not keen on sludgy shades. For me the oriental poppy 'Pattys plum' is a major disappointment.  I would sooner have a bright orange or red one.


Blueboots, I find this superstion thing drives me nuts; I had clients who didn't want green in a room because it was bad luck, at which point I had to ask, 'Is your lawn unlucky?'


...or the glorious British countryside on a summer's day!

I'm the same artjak, I just toe the line to lead a quiet life. I do get an earful if I mix red and white flowers. After extended arguments about whether or not to have trifle at my wedding (I won't bore you), I couldn't face a bigger one over green frocks. We compromised on turquoise.

Thinking about it, you don't get turquoise flowers do you? I'd never thought about that before.



I love orange when it's teamed with dark purples Verdi, but I don't like blue and yellow together (unless it's very dark blue and creamy/yellow) which most people do - reminds me of Ikea....

Hate pink and yellow together- one of the first things I did here was remove the pink flowering spirea with the yellowy/gold foliage.Yuk!

Blueboots- I want  to hear about the trifle.....