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Hi would like to make my own compost how do I commense making bunker with pallets

thank you


I made mine out of pallets. One large one for the back wall, three standard pallets for the ends and centre division. The front is made of removable planks and I made a hinge lid...


Many thanks for your info I shall get to work Hi-Ho here I go

You might want to consider building something that's a little more open, allowing birds to drop things onto your compost and attract more of the wildlife you want, such as worms, from beenath. 


Thank you for your replies will certainly make a start as of now to collect all compost waste


Daisy - Leadfarmer's bins look pretty darn good to me! 

Peat B

Pallets are the most 'palletable' but they don't last too long. I allow about two to three years, and then they need replacing. You could consider lining them with plastic sheeting, or maybe carpet bits, but they are free, so what the hell ?

I would be careful about coating them with creosote or wood preservative, as some of these things can affect the contents quite adversely. Possibly, a water based preservative might be OK, but I have no history of using this for compo bins.

Good luck anyway.


 We found this on the side of the road at the weekend, it's a pallet crate about 4 foot high and very strong. My husband lined it with plastic sheeting and it's now our new compost heap. I'm thrilled to bits with it. I'm going to put some netting round it and grow annuals up it in summer to hide it. Or maybe some of that leaf printed plastic sheeting that people use to hide wheely bins or camo netting. The possibilities are endless.

plant pauper

wow! i'm dead impressed with everybody's efforts (cept Lou the big cheater!!!....wot a great find!!!) I spent a high percentage of two weeks building compost bins and I can't wait to reap the rewards. they are very pretty (obviously) but I'm thunking a camo tarp is a brilliant idea. much cheaper than wheelie bin stickers and i'm a cheapskate!


Yes camo tarp is pretty cheap on Amazon or ebay. I have to say I'm more impressed with everyone elses home made compost bins especially as they are easier to get into than our crate but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth

It's primarily for leaf mould as we're surrounded by ash trees and they shed all year.

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