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Hi eveyone,

3 questions really

1) where is the best online place to buy seeds/plugs

2) Would it be best to seedor to plug

3)Need help in what plants i plant, what i want to achieve is a cottage garden effect, my flower bed is 6.5m x 1m its a raised bed facing and its south - east facing, theres so many i would love to plant but room is minimal, any ideas?



i'd like it so short plants at the front going to larger plants at the back




Not sure about buying on line but the 'freebies' that I have had from Morgan Thompson through GW have always been good.

I prefer plugs if planting straight out and only grow seeds indoors but its personal choice. 

As for which plants, the list is endless and a SE plot will get alot of sun so I would go for maximum impact with tall spikes of flowers such as foxgloves and verbena, alliums and cosmos - all of which are 'bee friendly'. One bit of advice that I will give you, having learnt the hard way, is don't be afraid of using large plants in a small space and don't skimp on them!! Good luck!

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