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Secret Squirrel

A new definition to the term, 'Beer Garden'

Take two soup cans, remove the labels. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of one, and glue (metal glue) this on the top of the other one so the water drains through to the bottom can. Paint them both black (Metal Paint) Paint a golden harp in the middle of the top can, and plant white Alyssum in the opening in the top.

You should have a pint of Guinness. Make three or four of them and put them on your patio table with beer mats,


I think that I would rather, take one can of guiness from the fridge, take it out to the patio, open, pour into glass, sit down and drink.


Or perhaps plant straight into a clear pint glass (mud = black enough) and then when you're hosting keep a few unopened cans by the display for extra effect. They that can identify the plant get the drink!

Secret Squirrel

I should have said, this is my idea for our village flower show in August, I like to plan ahead. I'm exhibiting under the category, 'Recycling' where you have to use a tin can and garden flowers


Its a lovely idea Mark. And certainly different from the normal plants in cans where they're either left blank or dip painted with whatever colour you found in the shed.

Do be sure to take plenty of photographs to share with us!


Secret Squirrel

Thanks Clarington, I will do once I have worked out how to post pics here

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