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Hi all

I want to do a certificate in garden design and was wondering what distance learning courses are available?




Is this for pleasure or business. If it is for business I would ask a local garden design company what qualification they accept or you will be wasting your money.

I have my own gardening business and would like a good understanding of design so I can take on bigger projects.


RHS is what I was thinking of.  Can I use that towards membership of the Society of Garden Designers?

many thanks




Sorry I have no idea, I would contact them.


hi i did a rhs level 2 certificate in horticulure and design with ics.. they do a design corse now to but im unsure on the membershipe thing i no there are home corses you can do that give this as i saw them online ... but the ics one i did was very cool...

check this site out they have lists of corses and info on membership for the sgd 

hope this helps


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