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Goodness me - what detailled photographs!  You certainly don't do things by halves 

It's a big greenhouse - did you keep a record of your harvest?


Lovely construction jardinier

Wow, very impressive!!

I love the fact that through use of the greenhouse (though should actually be called a house) you have managed to fine tune things and make more efficient use of it. It's very practical and everything added has obviously been from going to do something and finding a solution to make it easier in the future, somthing a kit form could never provide.

Steve the Gardening Vet

Stunning up to the point that it becomes a big polytunnel!

Where is the glass?

And not a single piece of aluminum (aluminium), in the Saguenay? Been there several times.


chilli lover

What an awesome project! As previously mentioned what attention to detail! I must share this with my OH who also does not do things by half

Two years down the road it would be good to here of your growing successes - I seriously admire anyone who has to grow in the conditions you have. Thanks for sharing, Janet

KEF wrote (see)

I'm no computer boffin, but need to say that just viewed jardiner's posts and clicked on link to look at pictures & NORTON security has informed me that it has "blocked attack" from that site. 



I've always felt suspicious that jardinier was more than he seems - hence my reply above - I note he didn't post information about the yield of his amazing greenhouse 


Who is pascal tremblay?.

Something doesnt sit right with me here. I am not clicking on any of these links. Need to know more.

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