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can anybody tell me what the tool, package, application?? is that joe swift uses to produce the 3d designs that he creates.

many thanks for your reply. will have a look back over past queries and will take a look at joe's website.


There is another link contained in the link above from Dove (i think) This tells you the exact package.

fantastic thanks for that. read the responses. only one suggested ipad art studio. will look into this. tried emailing the address on joe swifts web page twice in the past, but never had a reply.

may have to look at some other packages




Sorry sandra woolsey.

I was only passing on old info ( that was logged in my brain).

As a 3d CAD design draughtsman for 'Amdega for many many years. (now gone bust)' I have the old software and wish i could help further. I may be able to still help you though, as there are many different design programs. Even if i use the older version that is the best.

Hope i can help?



appreciate all your help and it was very interesting to read the old blogs, thank you again. I am currently studying a diploma in garden design, and even though I'm learning the old fashioned paper and ink method, I find customers like to see a 3d version. I have seen a package called garden pro?? I don't know if you are familiar with this. I need something that is quick and easy to learn.

many thanks again


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