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Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has ever built there own potting shed from recycled materials? Having recently lost my greenhouse to the wind, I am looking at replacing it with a potting shed and am planning on building to my own design using mainly recycled materials. Just wondering if it was possible seeing as I havent got the sort of money companies are asking for a new one

Sarahandrob try Gum I got a smasher for £15 quid.Also your local Double Glazing firm for scrap windows.Best O Luck.


We did it on our allotment, the only things we bought were 4 good posts for the corners, the rest was all from skip dives or dumped stuff - got some clear (ish) corrugated plastic too so made an almost greenhouse too!

Thanks for the tips and advice. Will definately have a go.


please post picture when its finished 

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