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Hi all,

first time posting on the forum but regular reader of all the hints and tips everyone puts on here.

I'm looking for some ideas to convert my cast iron chimnea into a feature for my garden, as its just outside the doors and looking rather tired! Its about 50cm wide at the base with the spout at the top going up to 6ft high.

Was thinking climbers/trailers maybe? amy suggestions welcome!



Does not look as though you have much if any, soil around it to plant climbers. If you do, then some nicely coloured ivies would do the trick with some soil inside it for some ferns?


Victoria Sponge

I think I'd paint it a nice shiney black and put pots around the base and where the pink can is, assuming it is not going to be used.

Hiya groundhog, 

Love to have that.  A bright red cascading pelargonium or twowould look good emerging out of the "grill".   Maybe a clematis like Etoile Violette planted at the base and allowed to meander to the top?  A couple of neat galvanised wire clips to assist.

(I remember my old dad offering me a red phone box once and I said no.  Wot a fool!  Worth a fortune now I think!)

Thanks all, some good ideas to get me going. Actually thought of filling it with soil/compost and planting from within to allow growth out of the grill (as you said verdun). Maybe something protruding and / or trailing out of the top. 

We wont use it to burn anything but don't want to get rid either!

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