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Hi all , last year on G/W a liner with pockets for plants  that could be fitted to a wall

or fence was shown ,would anyone  know where this can be bought on line

kindest regards Clogherhead


A lot of people in my area use them (the Fens), so I think they must be readily available; the problem is finding the right name for them. You could try variations on hanging planters/ plastic wall mounted planters etc. I have seen them richly planted with cascading begonias. It would not suit my garden, but it was impressive.

Gardening Grandma

Sotongeoff, another very useful piece of information.


Thank you all  for your input,there seems to only two companys selling the pouches that I am looking for , one inthe U. S A. and the other China

best wishes for the coming growing season




oh forgot to mention ,they are called Living wall Planters

One of this year's To Do jobs is to make a mini living wall up the front of my blueberry plot i.e. my old bath. I saw an idea in a market which was just a wooden frame with bags fixed on the back and a piece of hessian stretched over the front. I've been growing and splitting Sedums and Sempervivums for a couple of years. I think I can make the frame quite cheaply using leftover wood, a couple of hessian potato sacks for the front and strong plastic bags for the pockets

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