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i have my first veggie garden and greenhouse not done anything this year, but keen to start, what is the best veg to start off growning?   is it better to raise the vegiie patch outside   any tip and advice is greatly welcome thank you

The best veg to start off growing is a veg that you like to eat. No point in growing tons of spinach if you hate the stuff. 

Tell us what you like and we'll try and tell you if it's a goer.


OK, next question, what kind of soil do you have? Light and sandy, heavy clay or loamy? Stony? Sunny or shaded or a bit of both? By the sea and windy or not?

light and sandy, and sunny   i have my first green house but dont know where to start in it,  iv gone from a small yard with a few pots to a 90ft garden, so it all new to me, sorry if i sound like a dummy


Not at all. I only got my first greenhouse last year and I've been gardening for 60 years.

You won't really be able to start seeds off to grow much this year other than some salad leaves, herbs and so on, but next spring you will be able to fill your garden with veg. Light and sandy is perfect for carrots and onions and garlic. You will really be able to grow just about anything in your garden, though you will have to keep an eye on the watering.

If you like fruit such as gooseberies and blackcurrants or rhubarb, you should be able to find these for sale in pots any time now.

The greenhouse is fantastic for things that need just a little more warmth than the garden offers. Tomatoes, peppers, aubergines.

You can start to buy seeds now ready for next year. Go along to a good garden centre  a family run one if there is one nearby, and they will give you lots of advice about what is best for your area.

Have fun


Sara 4

The first veg I ever grew were potatos - if you're worried about the space they take up they are really, really easy to grow in bags or pots.  You will never want to eat a Jersey Royal from a shop ever again and you might even get some ready for Christmas.  If you like salad things like pea shoots, you can grow them in trays - just put loads of dried peas (don't buy branded pea seeds, they're the same things) really close together and just snip the shoots off when they're big enough and you can do that in winter on a window sill.  The things I find easiest with not much know how are broad beans, runner beans, peas, beetroot and courgettes which I grow in a hanging basket.  I have never had much success with carrots, and cabbage whites always get all my brassicas.

thanks guys for the advice im so excited now for next years crop,,

iv been told some car boots sales have plant stalls, i might try them,

do i need to add anything to my soil??  is it better to raise it veggies patch


Sara 4

Hi Shelley - the better the soil, the better the veg I think, so lots of organic matter, horse manure etc.  Whether you want to build a raised bed depends on how you want your garden to be laid out  - we have a separate veg plot, but if you have raised beds I hear it is easier to defend against slugs and so on.  I used a helpful site about allotments/veggie gardening for basic advice - hopefully the following will link you to a page telling you what is easiest to grow for the novice gardener.  I can't give you advice myself, cos I'm a learner too.

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