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I noticed that, i didnt want to say anything! He he he!
Seriously BM, not fishing for compliments! Those grapes would have been spectacular if i had put wires in and trained them, i haven even taken the time to prune them! In all honesty, i didnt think for a min, they would grow so well
Beaus Mum

 Each star gaze and bekkie! 

My neighbours grape vines bekkie has grown up onto the electricity pylon wire above their garden! Can't wait to seem em cut those down lol


I wasnt even sure they would grow! Now im scared to hack at them because they bleed, will just have to try and tame them bit by bit when i do the rest of the front!
Just need to pursuade OH that this is his idea! , or wait til he does something wrong and cash in on the guilt!



 This was Nov last yr. It's a stunner every autumn, but last yr it surpassed itself, even had 2 people knock and ask if they could take a pic

I planted it as a 2ft sapling about 30yrs ago. Probably the best investment plant wise I've ever made.

Wow thats a stunner! And im not keen on acers!
Beaus Mum

Like your style bekki  Girl after my own heart

Blooming gorgeous Pete, thank you for sharing 


Thanks for your kind words - every year is different, Oct 2010 -


Beaus Mum

Really lovely Pete, in fact all your garden looks well posh! Can we see pics of it all, sorry I'm a bit nosey  






Thanks for your interest BM and bh. Here a couple of pics that covers most of it

I try to make the best i can by using selective camera positions

nowt posh about my garden. Recently semi-retired, so finally getting it back in shape (and vice versa!) About 150' long, my little eden on Earth

 storm on the way jun 14

 The cause of the brown patches and holes in the lawn....


 and there's wild 40' at the end, but it's a bit too wild atm....


A beautiful garden Pete and that Acer is amazing.  I planted one last years so in 40 years Ill get someone to post a piccy.

Beaus Mum

Oh Pete how beautiful, it looks wonderful, really Gives the feel as you describe being your little Eden on earth 

I especially like your wild end and of course your woofie 


Just catching up and got to bekkies comment so had to interrupt

bekkie hughes wrote (see)
The other side of the path is a square of gravel with a scruffy hedge and a pear tree, i would like to put a decent size border in there with lots of roses, i cant settle on a colour, im very faddy and dont want to go off it afyer 12 months!

 to say Bekkie, have you considered using the  exisiting gravel as a gravel bed, putting dwarf or alpine plants in. I've seen it done and it looked like an artists pallet, would be labour saving and if you went off a colour you could change it more easily.

Must say I like the idea of Beaus Mum to shade the colours to suit your favourite ones.

Great thread, by the way. Back to page 4 


NGCARDS,  beautiful rose, not a bright colour  fan but this is eye catching. Do you know the name?





Beaus Mum

Will be even better thread when we get to see your front garden Bizzie as we know you do wonders in your back one 

Thanks BizzieB, there are so many great ideas on here, its tough to pick one, im going to try and keep it tidy for now, sort the back garden (easier said than done, as i need to erect a 40ft fence and saw down a dead tree that is as tall as the house!) Then tackle the front, my OH wants a drive, so dont want to make a beautiful garden which will be pulled up after a year! That gives me plenty of time to plot, er i mean plan!

Thank you  

 The front garden. Ah, well, conditions and size dictate the planting.

South facing,  mostly lawn with large ornamental plum tree which shades the  house and very small garden bound by a path. Keep it simple with wisteria over window, a  trimmed piracantha, crocus in spring, bark covering the soil. Would love colour but any flowers tend to lean to seek light.

Having a rethink about the bark covered area, maybe a gravel bed. Looking for inspiration from this and other threads, and   photographs are so helpful.

Enjoying the catching up, saw your problem shed. Goodness me, you are a tolerant  neighbour 


Beaus Mum

Bekki a forty foot fence! Hope you mean length not height! I've got fir tree similar size to your dead tree I would like to go but scared what that will cost! 

Hope you win the battle of the drive 

Bizzie b I knew it! Your front garden sounds lovely, please post pics 

I posted the shed problem when neighbours went on holiday  I would die if she saw it on here