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NDNs magnolia is flowering again in their front garden.

Stars in my front garden at the moment 

 Rustic Dwarf rudbeckias - thank you Chicky 

Beaus Mum

Makes one feel all summery, like miniature sunflowers, 

Ive found a front garden which is just so beautiful, it has a small lawn surrounded with roses, phlox, daylilies crocosmia rudbeckia, all sorts of cottage garden plants, but mostly roses, it is stunningly beautuful, ive taken to walking the dog past there for an excuse to look!
I spoke to the lady whos garden it is, she told me she collects David Austin roses and has around 60! Will try and get you all a pic if i get to know her better, as i think it would be weird otherwise!


Beaus Mum

Oh bekkie, that sounds lovely, sure it's not yviestevies! 

Cant wait to see pics, I'm sure the lady won't think you're weird, she will be dead proud  I know I would be 

Once we had a Japanese guy taking pics of our Beau when he was looking out of our front window! Now that's weird lol


That is a bit weird! Maybe he was a dog lover?
Beaus Mum

Or he was gonna report me to the dirty window police! 

I wouldnt worry about that, they would be at my house first! Thats the trouble with nice weather, it really shows the muck!
Beaus Mum

So true especially when the sun shines through! Wouldn't mind but my one treat in life is I have a window cleaner to do just my front outside and I paid him upfront for the rest of the year and now I don't think he has been back past couple of months 

Add to my to do list, must ring em! 

MrsT I have been contemplating my berberis ( whisper it as seen  from the front garden, down the side garden and just into the back)  see photo

having just finished pruning the Philodelphus I'm not sure I can face it! I can't prune it too hard as there will be berries in the autumn, so I will be take out the old branches and, yes, it will be thorny. The contemplation goes on, maybe it will rain before tomorrow! 




Beaus Mum

BizzieB looks lovely to me, do you need to trim it? Is that a bird bath tucked behind?

Lily rose that is a beautiful colour display 


star gaze lily

Lovely pics everyone.

Lilylouise, what a very pretty border.

Beaus Mum

bumped for fao rosemummy  please add yours



Thankyou for the kind comments 

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