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Bjay- I'd go for the Cotinus coz it's easier to keep smallish, if that's what you want. Photinias are pretty fast growers IME so may need more work in the long run, but thed you may want a tree.......J.


It's to go in the corner by the porch, Jo. Don't want a tree but need something upright and tall.

thanks Geoff

Cotinus is lovely Shrub in the sun. Shade.? Not really. Nandina likes acid soil and I found it to,be a fussy plant. Taxus Standishii is tall, narrow and upright, tolerant of most condition, evergreen and a beautiful colour for your corner Rosa. Next to cotinus would be spectacular.

Nandina grows around here and we have limestone, but it likes a bit of sun. Not for the upright tall bit though.

Busy lizzie, I stand corrected. Checked it out and you are right. It seems Nandina will grow in any soil. Always thought it an acid lover. May now grow one myself



Yes front gardens are tricky arent they. I'm wrestling with mine at the moment too. Can recommend a quince Chaenomeles Crimson and Gold will give you great red flowers and fruit interest too. I like orange with red so would put Crocosmia Emily Mackenzie in there too...but if your prefer sticking to mostly red go for Crocosmia Lucifer. I like red orange and purple for a hot border look but youve already got pink in there so maybe purple pink and red maybe with blue. Anyway all the best with it...te climber sounds fab  - give those pesky pipes some coverage


Love Crocosmia Lucifer.

Hope we'll get a pic when it's done.


Planted up a Pieris in acontainer today and put it on the drain - Deanno idea - have formulated aplan crocosmia Lucifer  is in it. When planted will post - plant shopping tomorrow

Bunny ...
I can't find lucifer here , have the stanard orange and wanted it with it , maybe not in GCs yet

Ok Helpers. 

Today i have bought a Cotinus 'Royal Purple;, a Weigelia 'Bristol Ruby'; Skimmia Rubella; Berberis thunbergii atropupurea 'Rose Glow', Choisya 'Sundance'; Erica 'Alberts Gold'

Just have the Nandina to go, will get it from B&Q next Wednesday - just hope they still have it in. Oh also some crocosmia 'Lucifer' corms

Couldn't find that Taxus, Verdun, and will see how I go before I buy the Cornus alba Siberica as talking to folk around here they all go a bit crazy once planted

Perennials looked as if they need some warmth before I consider buying but O do have alovely orangey /yellow hmerocallis thta has been languishing in a pot waiting for somewhere to go.

Thanks again any more suggestions?? 


Sounds as though it's coming along nicely.

Bunny ...
You're doing well , look forward to the planting up

Care to come and do it then Kerry - all that clay


Just returned from B&Q to find they no longer have that Nandina, still on my list though. What they did have, Verdun, was that photinia 'Little Red Robin'. It looks really nice, none of that leathery look the large plant had - label says it grows to 90cm and as I didn't go there in this cold(brrrr) to come away empty handed I bought one. Put it with the other ones and it looks just right 

If you hadn't have mentioned it I would have seen Photinia and walked past.Thanks


Here are my plants for the  front border. Haven't been able to get the Taxus standishi yet, will need to visit GC

I think the colours look great together. Later I will get a couple of hardy fuschia, and a couple of tall perennials 




Here we ae. The bed is now planted up. There are some spacs which I will put a couple of hardy fuchsia's and some perennials later in the season,

 With thanks to Verdun, Lizzie and others who popped in with advice. 

I may now consider the cornus.

Need some low-growing plants now for the front


Looks heaps better Bjay. I look forward to seeing more pics later in the year. You deserve a glass of something nice and feet up on comfy sofa.

Looks good Bjay

The garden Looking great Rosa! I was suprised though that no one metioned putting in vegetalbes and fruit. There are loads of stunners out there that would fit in beuatufly and you could do it a little potager style  If you prefoer not to grow fruint and veg, then herbs are wonderful and would be perfect growing along the edging of the bed.  


I have a  large back garden with all the veg and fruit I need, thanks. Here I just wanted to make the front look better and eventually not take much maintenance.

There is another bed to fill on the other side of the path, that will be perennials and grass.

Thanks fro your thoughts