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Just starting our big planters


 digging the bottom bit of the garden


 all neat ready for stepping stones then creeping thyme


 looking abit better....


 edging for pathway at the side..


 edging for the top and other side...


 the starting of digging down to level out the back of the garden for decking to be laid


 still going...


 getting there..




 looking abit better


 finally dug took a while especially with digging by hand/spade but end result is worth it


 end result now also has  railings at front so now just the raised beds to be supported and plants to be put in


 our lovely big builders skip full of mud and clay.

just thght i would let you all see what we have been doing in our garden and how we have got on so far and to show people that hard works pays off.. would love to hear your feed back and thanksyou for taking th etime to read my post, in the middle of laying a brick wall at the bottom of the garden and starting to lay the monoblocking so if anyone is interested to see the result of this once we have done ill post them too thanks :P

Miss Becks

Wow, you have worked hard. How long has it took so far?


about 3 years insomnia! is harder now as we have the little one and my partner is always working and we have 4 dogs too haha but we work round it all while doing the garden and growing all our plants

Miss Becks

Yeah, but just think, the years will fly by, and as you continue, and the 'little one' turns into a bigger one, you'll be able to sit back and think 'we did that' and enjoy it. Please keep us updated with pics.


thanks alot i will do



Chellie you have worked hard but isnt it so satisfying. Ive got to the stage 7years on that I want to make changes. We moved house and took most of the garden with us well half a plant of all I had. I had weird looks when I arrived from my new neighbours with me in my wee car surrounded by a jungle,we thankfully moved not too far so I could do a few trips. The worst trip was with the lilac tree!! Im so glad I took it now its a white one and doing well. Because of the plants needing in the ground when we got here we didnt get the chance to plan too much so now as things need thinned out it seems the time to re do some bits

Wow, you must be so proud to be able to look back and see the transformation. You have worked so hard! Lovely to see your pics, it is great when you get the hard landscape sorted and you get to the point of planting. Look forward to your next update. well done!
Lavender Lady

Well done chellie, can see how  much hard work you have put in.  The garden now looks great.  It is so rewarding when you can see it beginning to take shape.  We moved to a brand new house 12 years ago and had just a back garden of mud (it was in Nov).  We now have a garden full of mature trees, shrubs etc and lots of wildlife and insects.  Even birds nesting in Ivy and trees.  If I can work out how to post pics I will.  It has been hard work over the years doing it on a limited budget and I can say I love my garden.


Wonderful effort, Chellie. I always think before and after piccies are so worthwhile. Would you like to come and do mine now?   ;- )


Well done Chellie, great effort and lots of hard work!!

It's great to see so many threads on here where people are in the process of garden projects and getting their children involved! It's brilliant to watch them discovering and learning from something that you enjoy and can share with them!

Keep up the good work and of course keep us all updated also!!?


hollie hock

great pictures- I really like the before and after shots, great for inspiration and motivation



 more work gettung done just needing the weather for it x 


Chellie - loved reading the post from beginning to end - what a transformation (and what a lot of work !)  What is this year's project ??

hollie hock

Looking really good Chellie Taking pictures is brilliant, it so exciting when you can see how far you've come


Looks lovely ???? . Can I ask a delicate question ? How do you deal with 4 dogs "natural waste"?! I have one small terrier and he's enough !

Looks attractive now when I re design my garden it took 4 month just. But You did a nice job. If you need any kind of service which i used you can go here.

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