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Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me which is the best method to store a large garden hose?

The very best way is on a reel, somewhere frost won't get to it. 

If you're leaving it outside where the frost might affect it, it should be fine as long as you ensure it's not full up with water; this usually leads to broken nozzles and guns (the plastic ones) and split hosepipe.

Same as Bob. Wall mounted hose reel is the best for unrealing and realing it back. I have a metal hose reel  that holds about 75m of hose. I protect from frost by using a couple of compost bags cut down and then stuck back together for the right size with gorilla tape. I then use a bungee strap to keep it tight on to the reel. You can buy covers but making one yourself will safe you money and the sizing  will be a better fit. Mine cost no more than £3 to make 

Doghouse Riley

I found winding a hose tiresome, so mine is hung from a hanging basket bracket  screwed 7ft off the  ground on the front of the shed. I fold the hose over it in four long loops.

Same with the cable for the Flymo. The previous one had a cable winder on top and the latest a couple of hooks on the side of the handle you are supposed to wind the cable around. I just chuck it in the collection basket, it never gets tangled that way.

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The other benefit of a reel is that much of the water will be expelled as it's rolled back in - assuming you don't have a spray head still attached which is trigger operated.


Thankyou everyone for your replies. I will surely get the benefits as your suggestions.

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