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plant pauper

Wow Caroline your garden is beautiful. I know what you mean by waiting for colour....I had a poppy coming out yesterday and I got so excited!!! It's only about the third thing that has flowered!

At least in your garden you have lots of form and texture so there's plenty to draw the eye. I think it helps if you have a bit of height as well. Mine's a bit like a field. 

caroline roses carter

thanks,plant pauper,its been hard,clearing out the borders,its all bushing up,iam so pleased,just need the paint pot of colour,

Awesome picture.It really looks great.Nice work with the garden



Lovely inviting garden, you've done a great job.  

Missy Krissy

What a beautiful garden! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 

plant pauper

Caroline I hope you'll post the pictures when it does pop. I think it might be more of a bang than a pop!

Your statue is beautiful, it is  So  naturally placed in your border , would love this in mine!



You're not alone in waiting for the flowers, mine's very lush and green with far less flowers than usual. Apparently the sun comes back tomorrow in Surrey - maybe that'll do it...


Beautiful - and I, too, would like to see the pictures when the colours start exploding

We are relying on rhodies and wisteria for colour at the moment - but I can see colour on the peonies and the roses, and the alliums are about to get into their stride.

Hope the Surrey sun does come back tomorrow 8000w 

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