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cody smith

hi, a fewpeople asked me to let them know when my dads website was ready..

it is now so pleasetake a look and let me know what you think. Ivy sculptures look amazing in the garden.


They are fabulous, cody. The indoor one's would look nice as a feature in any room, will be paying the site a further visit

hollie hock

Lovely as they are............isn't this just advertising a commercial business?

 someone did ask cody to post when the site was up and running, such was the interest . Me thinks this one is the exception to the rule. Cody is a long running poster....and anyone who wants to view the site wil do over the next few harm done...

Thanks cody. Happy gardening. 


Don't know if it's the site or my computer, but it took so long to download I gave up.


hollie hock

........... it's still advertising a commercial business wanting to sell something.............

BL. It does take a while to down load. I went and did something else whilst it was loading.


It downloaded straight away for me.  

As has been said, Cody is a young gardener who's been posting on here a long time now and people did express interest in his father's sculptures and ask to see the website - it's not as if he just 'spammed' it on here.  So really I feel it's more like the garden centres/suppliers that some of us link to with recommendations (eg on The Map).  


And Cody - I think they look great - and what a way to use something that would otherwise be disregarded and thrown away 


It was quicker this morning. They do look good and original.

cody smith

Hello everyone

As Cody is only 12, we have his forum set so that we recieve emails so that we can monitor his blogs etc, just for our own peace if mind.Myself  and Codys father apologise if for any reason members feel that Codys thread was to deem business.. That was not the case at all, Cody kindly put up a link for a previous post which people enquired for him to do so...thats all!! Thankyou for kind words and will look into the downloading issue..

Have a great day in sun everyone its going to be hot one????

Julie(codys mum)

Ps thanks to everyone that replies to Cody questions he is learning so much and teaching a thing or two too lol xx


They are beautiful Julie and many of us asked for info as opposed to the blatant advertising that occsasionally happens. Hope you get good responses to your site and it goes from strength to strength. 


Hello Cody,s Mum & Cody,

Such a good idea for use of material,download still taking an awfully long time though.


Hi Cody, the sculptures are beautiful, what a clever Dad you've got, you must be very proud of him! If I lived in the UK I would have loved one!


Thank you, Julie, for explaining. I knew about Cody, met him before on this forum. My reply about downloading was a bit abrupt on second viewing, I was in a hurry. Anyway, well done Cody.


cody smith

Thank you all again for such wonderful feedback much appreciated and hopefully download speed will improve..

SwissSue we are happy to post abroad too..

Right off up to the allotment with our enthuastic young gardener lol????????????????



We meet some smashing people on here don't we - it really cheers me up 

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