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Since Easter marks the start of lots of garden openings, thought it was time for a thread to share our trips.

We made an impromptu visit to the Tulip Festival at Arundel Castle today


The Collector Earl's garden has been on my wishlist for years did not disappoint


Best stumpery I've ever seen


And finally, the White Garden

Fantastic garden - well worth a visit if you're down this way


What a lovely day you must have had Chicky! 

I love the swirl of tulips in the long grass! When we went on a little local forkers trip to Helmingham hall, Suffolk, they had done the same swirl effect with wild meadow flowers!

The arch of blossom is absolutely captivating Chicky! And the stumps are certainly full of character! And the sumptuous white garden! What a day! What a garden! Beautiful! Thanks for the pics!


Wow I'm trying to persuade husbandto pay a visit!

Looks amazing - thanks for sharing Chicky. Tulips make such striking bursts of colour - I must plant some more this Autumn. I've always fancied a White Garden/border too.

Victoria Sponge

That's beautiful chicky, awe inspiring in fact. Thank you


The stumpery is a wow factor in what is a beautiful garden. Tulips are gorgeous.

Thanks for the pics chicky 


Lovely piccies Chicky, especially liked the stumpery photos.


Lovely pics Chicky. Particularly like the arches and white garden, thanks for sharing 

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