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I am wanting to find a garden design software package that is not too complicated for a not too computer literate gardener. I look forward to any suggestions.



Are you looking do use this to design other people's gardens or just inspiration for you own?

I am wanting to re-design my own garden.


Rather than spend money-there are a few free design programmmes on-line-never tried them myself-so just an idea

There are also a couple of cheap ones on Amazon-check the reviews perhaps

Hopefully someone who has used these will pick this up

Gary Hobson

I tried one of these a long time ago, and that was completely useless.

As Geoff says, there are several of these programs available from Amazon, and you can see what other customers thought of them. For example....

The BBC had a free garden design package, under Virtual Garden, on this page:

I also tried the BBC one a long time ago, and that didn't work for me.

The ones above are all fairly old. There are some more up-to-date websites, that appear to be professional, that appear to offer 3D-garden design software. For example:

You could try that.

Another interesting product is Google Sketch Up (free from Google), which is a 3D drawing package. But, I guess, you have to draw every element in your garden:

Also have a look at this review. The product described seems to work around uploading a photo of your garden, and then modifying it, which is a novel idea:



I shall investigate these suggestions.

I've started using As its name suggests its aimed at fruit and veg growing but I would definitely recommend and there is a 30 day free trial for you to be sure it's right for you.
Gary Hobson
Daphne Norridge wrote (see)
I've started using

That's a good point. is a garden planner. All of the packages I mentioned are 3D design packages - they attempt to generate an image showing the appearance of the garden in 3D.

Garden planning is slightly different. Garden planning means simply working out what to plant where, using a simple plan - like a map you might draw with paper and pencil. This process is far simpler than trying to create a 3D image. So a home computer can actually do a good job. In contrast to trying to create a 3D image, which is really just far too ambitious for a home computer.

You can get garden planners for decorative gardens, like this one:

I am a 'word of mouth'/'do it for mates' occasional garden designer (have designed and built about eight gardens).

I usually just work off a 2d design, measure up, make a scale drawing add the bits the customer wants. I use garden design books and things I have liked in other gardens for ideas.

But thanks to Georg for all the suggestions. I will investigate...  

Jess is in the Garden

I am going to redesign my lawn next year and try turning into a plum slate/shrub/water feature/pergola mix (!) so I will try too - sounds interesting and I have very little experience (other than with the plants themselves and even that isn't huge).

Thanks for the suggestion, Daphne

That's a great find. I am really interested in the result of your redesigned lawn. Personally I keep it basic with a peace of paper, ruler and a pencil. Works great for me. .

I've downloaded a free app on my iPad called iGarden designer lite from the App Store. Not used it yet but there is a pro version too. Could be worth a look.

There's also online garden design app with 3D preview. It seems quite straight forward...


I used smallblueprinter to plan my new garden. It takes a little while to get the hang of, but If you download the free 14 day trail when you know you've got a few spare days ahead then you can do it for free, as I did..



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I've just realised that I may have breached the terms of this forum, sorry everyone. To remove my original post I've replaced it with this.


I'd add my vote for Sketchup.  

It takes a little while to learn, but there are loads of great videos and guides, plus ready made "components" that other people have built that you can import.


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