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You get a nice meal in the Strathie Steephill

Gardening at Glamis Walled Garden today.

Taking your own plants from your garden, sounds nice - they don't mind that?

all looking good so far

bulbs in your garden look great

They dont mind us sharing some of our plants .

But most have been sown in The Potting Shed and grown in the glasshouse Garden girl.

This yesr is to give us some instant colour.

And in Autumn we shall be planting bulbs.





Not at all I am very fit.

And today a baby highland calf was beeing born when we walked past but th emother was in distress with rest of highland cows and bull would not leave her be.


When we came back the calf been born but had slipped into the river .

I so hope the calf wil be ok.


So you been up to anything nice there today?

Planted up sunflowers they needed repotted ,and cosmos.

And nusturstiums,then we ,moved a load of plants in to the cooler part of the glasshouse.

And put up strings for the tomatoe plants.

Then we saw the baby highland calf get rescued after he or she slipped into the river.

And then we got our photo taken for their website.





That sounds good only sowed my sunflower seeds yesterday

When does the castle open from - to - time of year?

Froms easter to think end of Oct

Gardengirl do you live far away from Castle?

In Southampton - very far just wondered

Shame maybe one day you will visit.

What a great project scotkat you must get great satisfaction from doing it i will take a visit one day this summer for a walk around well done.


Thanks Garden Girl we were so busy today I have come home so so tired but loving it.

Growing in Glasshouse of Walled Garden Glamis Castle

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As you can see there is still a lot to plant if anyone would like to Donate plants to glamis they would be much apprieaceted.

Buds already yipee.

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Karen busy watering.


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Hello Scotkat

I would like to Donate plants to glamis that would be nice

How do I do that?   Would I send them to you and you take it to plant out?

Just looked at your blog nice area to walk in