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For anyone who does know I and my friend Karen have got involved in the restoration project .
Karen and I go a Tuesday and a Thursday to volunteer.So if anyone is planning a visit over Spring that is if we see Spring or we may go right into Summer.
Come and see us up in the Walled Garden Project we are helping the fulltime staff to restore the walled garden .
We have been sowing seeds in the Potting Shed and prinking out seedlings in the Glasshouse.
Today we were hopeing to make a start with planting plants for the making of a herbaceous border.But on hold till weather changes.
We and all the country are in middle of a cold spell and yes snow .
Pretty to see but time to see Spring blooms and new born lambs.
What a pleasure today it was for me to see 3 deer and they stopped and looked at me camera was not at reach and the beautiful Highland Cattle.
If you have never visited the Castle and gardens if you come to Scotland you must


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As you can see we have been busy.

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And this is some Orchids we shallneed to give a lot of TLC.

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Gardening Grandma

Congratulations, Scotcat. We'll look forward to more updates.

Thankyou Gma all we need now is heat and sunshine.

Oakley Witch

Ohhhh, I am at Glamis a fair bit so I will need to look out for a wee scotcat Brilliant. Im in Fife and I have discovered last night that there ia a walled garden which has underground tunnels which used to have fires in to keep the plants warm in the ground. It was a local plant specialist, David Douglas that used to travel and collect plants from hotter climates and built a collection just up the road They are startin to restore it so am looking into how to volunteer

I aprroached the head gardener at the Castle Sam .

Look forward to seeing you when the weather inmproves you may get asked to help us if you stay long enough 




Oakley Witch

Morning Scotkat...

That sounds great  

I would not complain lol. More than happy having mucky paws for a good cause

Just come and say hello to us both if you happen to see us working there Sam

Oakley Witch

Will do. Will be nice to meet someone from the forum

Yes be great Sam Ia m just away to head down soon after camera is charged.

All looks great, keep the photos coming


I would like to know what is going to be planted, or perhaps already has been, on that nice wide arch over the path there.... perhaps you could tell me at some point..? I love archways and what people decide on regards their plantings...

Hello everyone playtime started in the walled garden .

We made a start planting up the herbaceus border.

Oh its so nice now to get planting and see it come together.


Salino we only started planting out plants today as this was a blank canvas and had nto been planted out.

The Arches will have climbing roses and clematis.

I took many photos today Garden girl.







Brilliant lots of planting done there, good idea before and after pictures

You even got to have a nice walk around

Was that just you two doing all the planting?

Do you get told what to plant or grow?

Oakley Witch
Looks fab the tree is lovely. Keep us all posted. Im looking forward to following your updates.


Yes Gardengirl only the 2 of us doing it all for now .Thankyou.

The head gardener put the plants out in position and we then planted.

We see him at start of our day .

And we have had input of what we would like to see and plant.

Thanks Sam we still have a lot to plant and also on Thursday when we go back we shall be dividing plants to give us more to plant as this is a big area.

And we had a lot of visitors come see us in the garden .

I slept like  alog.



Walled garden is our personal Outdoor Gym .

Karen and I walk so much from Potting Shed do my daily nd Glasshouse  up and down the herbacouse border and bending up and down.

Plus I do my daily walk before I go to Castle and again in evening.




That's better to be outside achieving something, good that you get some input

What did you get up to Thursday there?    It was snowing here in Southampton

Karen arrived before me I am closer but got held up with traffic so Karen got more plants planted in border.

I polintaed the Lord Napier Nectarines as no bees.

Then I split chives and got them all planted .

And we had to prick chard seedlings out and plant in to cell trays Red and Yellow Chard.

I also potted up sunflowers I believe they will get used for cutflowers inth e

in the castle.

When we were finished we went for a walk to see the Princess Margarets Magnolia memorial and its full of buds when it blooms I shall share a photo.

Then walked on to the Italian Garden as they are getting new status and they are impressive.

It was dry and sunny but cold.

Sorry you had snow Garden Girl.




Brings back happy memories of Glamis - friends used to live in the thatched cottage next door to the "Strathy" (Strathmore Arms).