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Allotment is 7 months old

I am straightening the edges of the paths and need to sow grass on the new infills of soil

I am concious that there are different strengths or thickness of grass

What is the name of a good hard wearing grass and dont say "Astro " cos I play on that for hockey !!


I would counsel against grass paths.

They will get muddy.

You will have to strim them.

They will get weed infested.

They will wear out if there is a lot of traffic on them.

You will be forever trying to get the edges neat.

But they look nice!

chilli lover

Well I put ash paths around some of our raised beds , all well and good for a couple of years with occasional weeding but you still can't stop grass seeds landing on them and germinating so now this year I am actually mowing them at the lowest possible cut because weeding has become untenable!

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