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Cake dude

Hi everyone

I have bought a home which has a very large Japanese Garden area. The previous owners had graveled some of the area which was overgrown by plantation and weeds for a number of years. But i have cleared the area out now.

The area -

As far as a i can see they have lined it with an undersheet

There is a generous amount gravel remaining


The issues -

There may be a number weed roots remaining that i cant get at.

The area is covered in debris and i wont be able to rake it all up without destroying the present gravel / lining.


Could i simply put weed killer down and place more gravel down?

here are some pictures to try help me explain my situation



The answer is yes, but im afraid as im a strictly no chemicals person you will have to wait for one of the experts, probably in the morning, you might need to bump your thread up tomorrow, if you arent about i will do it for you.

Morningcake dude

Yes, use glyphosate.  Choose a dry slightly cloudy day......stromg sun can dehydrate treated leaves.  You need at least 5 hours of dry weather for it to work properly.  


It is very likely that the undersheet has been damaged by any weed roots growing through it, those grasses have really strong roots

Cake dude
Ok guys thanks for your help i might take a punt and just place fresh gravel over it


I would definitely use weed killer , it will help to kill the roots , I known lots out there don' t like using the stuff , I am not a fan but needs must  

the put some more gravel down , I have some small area of gravel and it works well

best of luck 

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