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Gary Hobson
bunnysgarden wrote (see)
So who is designing a garden for Hampton court then ?

Bunny is referring to a feature on the One Show on Wednesday night. Viewers are being invited to design a family garden, which will then be constructed, by experts, at this year's RHS Hampton Court.

That edition of the One Show can be seen on iplayer here:

The section about the competition can be seen by moving the cursor to 24 minutes.

Bunny ...
Hehehe not me I might add , not that brave !

It's not actually very big - 24 1/2 foot y 24 1/2 foot in old 'money'

Gary Hobson
Rosa carriola wrote (see)

It's not actually very big ...

8 metres square.

Fancy something a lot more ambitious, do we?



He he he

I have enough trying to 'design', this lot outside 

darren the gardener

having a go for fun wont be able to enter i count as trade 


I'm tinkering with a design for this.  Not really done this sort of thing before, I believe the RHS will be providing the plants but I don't know how they're going to make them look established etc.  Its weird trying to do a plan like this as you would usually get some inspiration from the house / style and any existing features.  8 x 8 is such a blank canvas!


I would have liked to have a go, but don't live in UK so not allowed.

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