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I know it's a bit early yet but, since I'm sat on a sofa recuperating from my op, I have time to think about garden projects this year.   I'd like to do some interesting hanging baskets and window boxes this year instead of my usual trailing pelargoniums.   Don't like petunias cos they feel sticky when I dead head.  

So, the question is, what are your favourite plants and combinations?  What works well in full sun and what would you avoid like the plague?


I agree with you about sticky petunias! How about edible plants: Nasturtiums, cucumbers, peppers, chillis, courgettes, tumbling tomatoes, chives etc?


There are those lovely begonias that have small flowers - can't remember the variety at moment, but I'm going to have a go with them this year maybe with bacopa as a contrast. Like you i don't like petunias.


hi obelixx have a good rest matey and get better, iv just come in from the garage iv been prepping my h/baskets ,iv got my liners in and  plastic tubs connected to cut down coke bottles as usual sitting in them awaiting for soil and plants and the start whistle, managed to pot on 20 Hydrangeas as well today there out side in the rain till later tonight not too sure what were putting in them this year so im keeping my eye on your post see what comes up 

Cheers Alan


Bunny ...
I was thinking this the other day too, I saw one in a GW mag with lavender in with some other purples , think I shall do that on my pergola this year where I shall be sat , wonder about impatiens in a dome (2 baskets joined) would that work ?
I put geranium , potentilla , trailing verbena and petunia in last year which was different .

I planted a big pot last year with Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Gold and and a purple Scaevola Saphira last summer. It was a mass of flower, but we didn't have the rain that England had. I had 2 pots with Euphorbia Diamond Frost with Surfinias. The Euphorbia didn't need deadheading, mass of foamy white. I like diascia trailing down pots. But I do plant petunias as they grow so well here (Dordogne), but I'm not very good at dead heading - big garden too much to do. I have 2 pots in semi-shade which I normally plant with Begonia Dragon Wing and blue Lobelias but last year I used Begonia Summerwings instead and it hardly grew and the stalks fell off. Perhaps something ate it. I get plug plants from a French company called Jardin Express.

In my window boxes I normally put in zonal geraniums and begonias, they look nice with also some ivy.

Hello Obelixx  I was really pleased with some of my baskets last summer - the Begonias are Illumination Apricot Shades from Thompson and Morgan.

Have you tried Calibroacha? The one in my basket is called Aloha Tiki Soft Pink but it is available in a good range of colours.

Have you tried Sanvitalia? these have a mass of small yellow daisies all summer long

Pam LL x


Your hanging basket is lovely Lilylouise but I should have mentioned that I also dislike begonias.   I usually grow fuchsias in the baskets on the north side.  

I do like the look of the Million Bells as long as they're not sticky like their bigger cousins.   I see that sourcing seed is very difficult so I'll just have to keep an eye on the plant shops round here for some small plants to grow on. 

Your baskets and window box look really great lilyloiuse.. It's nice to see photo's.


Very inspiring, lilylouise, congratulations.

Did you grow the begonias from seed? I bought some from T & M but not a single one



Beautiful hanging basket and window box LL, do you just plant from the top or also out of the sides?

I had some lovely Million Bells of various colours last year, and no, they're not sticky like petunias, which I've also given up on. Also the very dark red and red and white striped pelargoniums looked nice.


Thankyou for the lovely comments about my wall basket and windowbox

The begonias are grown from plugs and the wall basket is just planted in the top

Obelixx - my favourite basket plants are

Trailing Verbena

Variegated Felicia


Fuchsias - Puts Folly and La Campanella



Lime Green Helichrysum


Pam LL x



Thanks Lilylouise.   I've asked OH to take me on a tour of local garden centres and nurseries on Saturday so I can see what they're stocking this year so I can get in early before the interesting stuff goes.   We'll also pick up some basket liners and compost and gel.    In another 2 weeks I should be able to drive myself but this way he can carry the heavy stuff and I'll be ready to start as soon as I have plants.


obelixx, what kind of basket liners do you use and what do you mean by gel? Is it something to mix with the compost so it doesn't dry out so quickly?

rusflorum wrote (see)

Very inspiring, lilylouise, congratulations.

Did you grow the begonias from seed? I bought some from T & M but not a single one


Hi rusflorum,

You might want to take advantage of T&M`s offer below, begonia tubers, shipped at end of Feb. only £1.99 with any order, also Fuscias at £4.99, hope this helps.


Swisssue - I have to see what they have in stock.  In the past I've used a kind of moulded cardboard one and I've also just used compost bags cut to shape and with the black side showing when I left it too late one year.   

The gel is a kind of crystal that soaks up loads of water so it can be released slowly through the day.    Can't remember what it's called.