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okay decision made, plants ordered and arrive tomorrow. Could be a mistake, but we'll see. I decided on the box hedge. It was my first thought and there are 4 good examples near to my house and all are healthy and look good. I looked at all the other options either other peoples hedges or in garden centres, but my mind was already on the box and nothing else seemed to be right. Also I am putting lavendar along the path leading to the door.

Unfortunately due to cost, the box plants will be very small to start with, so I think I will have to put up some kind of other barrier until it is established... like Rudolf says.

I also have an apple, pear and plum tree arriving for the back garden. Together with 2 sorbus: J rock for the front and Chinese Lace for the back.

I have spoke to a local saw mill who is going to make 2 raised beds, one for the back for veggies and the other for herbs at the front.

I have a long list of shrubs and herbacious plants for the grden side of the hedge, but they will come a couple at a time as and when can be afforded and time permitting.

Thanks for all the suggestions.



Can we see photos later in the year please?

started planting, photos in other post, shrub suggestions

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