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Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

We painted our shed with Cuprinol Garden Shades "Willow" and I like it, but it's really a matter of personal taste.

Happycottentail, I painted my trellis in Willow, and it works well with your choice of pinks/mauve...


I agree that you should leave your pergola & trellis unpainted, natural wood does look great. I left my archway unpainted..

  But I did paint my obelisks in Willow as a feature, you can just see one behind the archway, and they can be seen in this photo...


But your fence definately needs painting. How about a darker green like Cuprinol Herritage Shades 'Old English Green' which I used to paint my shed...

A darker green would allow the fence to blend in to the garden. You could then fasten trellis to some of the fence panels and paint these willow as a feature?

LeadFarmer, thank you for confirming my decision to go with CGS "Willow"!  Also for the photos.  Your garden is beautiful and has much of the feel that I want mine to have (though mine is much smaller).  I love the planter with the clematis on the trellis behind.  Not being a diy-er, I'm not sure how I would attach wooden trellis to the fence . What would be the best and easiest way to support climbers like sweet peas and clematis, as I would like to grow them along parts of the fence. Perhaps other people will have different ideas on this.




I'm no diy'er and have done these in 3 places on a fence.

you could use planed wood and paint it to match. I find this is fine for clematis, and an idea that can be adapted

I have also just invested in a staple gun which uses amongst others quite large strong staple  and I am hoping to use them with galvanised wire as a support as well. Not done it yet, but think it will work

That's an interesting idea Rosa Pulcino, but I think your diy skills are a bit more advanced than mine!

Today I spotted that Homebase have 4 days of Special Offers (ending 7th April) which include 5L tins of Cuprinol Garden Shades at £10 off the usual price, making them the same price as a 2.5L tin. I now have a 5L tin of Willow for my fencing!  So if any of you are contemplating a large painting project, get down to Hb quickly, before they run out.



happycottontail, you can just screw the trellis to the fence panels. But As RP has said above, if you just want an easy way to grow climbers up your fence then just string some gardening wire horizontally along them in rows, about 1ft apart. I prefer this galvanised colour, but you can also get it in green...



You can buy a bag of 'u' shaped nails that are great for pinning the wire to the fence..


Or better still, buy some of these 'eye bolts' and screw them into the fence posts, I use them on my fence and they hold the wire off the fence so that climbers can grow behind as well as in front of the wires...


 Just make sure you buy the long enough so that once screwed in, the eye is about an inch away from the fence. And drill i small pilot hole into the post first, so that the eye bols screws in easily.

Well done on the paint deal. But if your painting all of your fence panels then are you sure 5L is enough for all your fence? Why not buy more tins as you could always return any unopened tins? You may have to give your fence two coats. A fence sprayer would make the job easy, but you can get carried away and use ore paint than you think. I use one of these...












Thank you for the ideas and the pics LeadFarmer.  The man at Hb worked out how much I would need for the number of fence panels I have, and reckoned the 5L tin would be enough.


Your welcome. Be sure to post some photos when youve painted everthing.

Just reseaching colours to paint my garden fence this weekend.   Have pruned shrubs back hard which has revealed ugly fencing!  Found all these comments really useful and lovely to see the pictures.  Think I will be choosing Willow green also.

Thanks again all!


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