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Hi I posted this already but on wrong part of forum.

We have 7.5 metres between our living room folding, glass doors and this newly erected 5 metre tall garage.

What could we plant to screen and soften the look - don't mind seeing some of the garage - in fact would be difficult to hide it all?!

Can't make use of the wall. Thought of flowering cherry or Californian Lilac.

I look forward to getting some ideas. Thank you, Elaine


Is there a fence between you and the garage? Also which way does it face? Do you want all year cover i.e. evergreen - I was thinking of climbing hydrangea.  


Can you erect a sort of trellis fence in front of the wall - then you could grow all sorts of lovely climbing plants some with flowers and berries and/or evergreen foliage to make it attractive all year round. 


I'd go with trellis too.  6' panels held up by posts along the whol length.   You could leave it natural or stain it with something like Cuprinol and then cover with a mix of climbing plants such as roses and clematis or honeysuckle to get a full season of interest and plenty of perfume.  The choice will depend on the aspect and the soil.

You can hang brackets for bird feeders on each post and have hours of entertainment.

Thanks for replies - more welcome! 

Our fence is already 2 metres tall and we can use this . The garage is only 50cm beyond it and rises to 16 Feet. So we feel we need height to soften the look and cover some of the sharp edges of the garage. Ideally we

would like 3metres height - so thinking of flowering cherry.

We have good soil, south facing aspect with lots of sun - also extremely sheltered.


Should have said - 5 metre tall garage is in our neighbour's garden - it is overwhelliming and we can't believe it passed planning - height was not on plans.


Maybe you should check with the planners if that height was passed as OK. Maybe they got it passed at usual height and then went ahead and altered it?


I'd send an email to your local council planning. 5 metres seems excessively high not to have been mentioned during planning!


Surely 5 metres is a two storey building?  Sounds more like a flat for the au pair (do they still have au pairs?)


i was think the same.. rather high and surprised planning allowed it.. did you not get notification of it.. it you did check our the details on that first..


I agree, firstly check with the authorities. I have Trellis as a screen from my neighbours garage and grow various Jasmines, Clematis and Honeysuckle . In fact it also grows across the roof of it now. Luckily the new people who have recently moved in, absolutely love it too as it 'softens the lines'. 

dave 7

i agree with Hazel. We have a large neighbors garage and i built a pergola in spring

and planted a climbing rose on one side and an out door grape vine on other side


5 metres or feet? 5 metres is about 1.5 stories housewise.

You can buy 2-5 metre tall Bamboo that is evergreen and screening, but taller it is the more ££ it is.


Definitely an idea to have a word with the planning department about the height of that garage and tha lack of notification but, if it is illegal, they may get a demolition order so  beware starting a neighbours' war unless you really can't live with the garage.

You can raise the height of the fence by putting in some tall fence posts and then stringing wires between them rather than trellis.  If you place the wires at 30 to 40cms apart and tension them well they'll support all sorts of climbers.  A small cherry tree or a rowan would be good but would take time to get to 5m high.



5 metres long is about the length of my you mean long?

I would definitely check with your local authority, that sounds too tall and too close to your property. Sounds as if its a garage with storage above. I'd definitely think of increasing the height if your fence by using galvanised wires . You could mix winter and summer clematis, roses and ivy, there are all sorts of combinations. Look for fast growing climbers though or you may have to wait a year or two for the full effect. 


Thanks for all your interest in our problem! Planning permission was applied for and granted - however, although we made comments we didn't object not realising the height (5metres) or the proximity to border (50cm) - these measurements were not on the online plan. Sadly we did not check again when approval was granted - we are an easy going couple - so feel a bit stupid. Let's say we wouldn't even build this size of garage this near our own house - so it is galling to have this so close.

No visit was made to see the visual impact on our property - which is interesting because planning approval says ' the building of the garage is not detrimental to the visual amenity of neighbouring properties' I have written to councill challenging the decision, and will take it to Ombudsman - couple with garage are not approachable at all. We are endeavouring to remain calm - there are lot more terrible things in the world - and so I keep telling myself! I am hopeful that it may have to be lowered - and yes it is taller than a one storey house. Our 2 year old looked out the window and said 'house' so you get the picture!

We were on holiday for 3 weeks - so it was quite a shock.

Husband is liking the idea of raising height of fence with wires and posts. 


We have a strip of trellis fixed along the top of our fences, raising the height quite a bit - it works really well, giving us the feeling of privacy without shading us or giving us or the neighbours the feeling of being 'fenced in'.