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I have a small paved front garden with a with a square of soil in the middle apx 1 and would like a tree or large shrub that flowers  and is attractive most of the year. Nothing that grows too big as it is only 1 mtre from bay window , any sugestions please ?


A small tree peony. I have had one for about 7 years; it has never grown more than 1 metre tall and wide. It flowers for 2 weeks in May with spectacular 7" flowers in white. I do not know which one it is, sadly, but bought it at local nursery so it can't be that rare.

Choisya ternatta ...Mexican orange blossom.  Evergreen. Mound forming. Bay scented glossy leaves. Glorious air filling scent of orange/vanilla in spring and early summer.  Looks good all year round.  Easily pruned....I simply use shears to maintain its dense rounded shape after flowering.

Or, camelia or rhododendron if soil is acid.


I also like Choisya. Choisya x dewitteana 'Aztec Pearl' has to my eye a slightly more attractive 'tropical' look to its leaves and is also evergreen. Not sure if it has a scent like ternatta though.

I have 2 winter box (Sarcococca confusa and Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna 'Purple Stem'). The latter has a pleasant scent in winter. Both are evergreen and look pleasant and very low maintainance.

Hiya blairs

I grew Aztec pearl along with sundance. And the more common Ternatta.  I simply didn't like scent, no leaf smell and less bushy.  

Another shrub I like is pittosporum tobira Variegata....this could look good in Steves garden too



Thanks guys i will look them up for a photo and perhaps go to  the local garden centre to see if they have them. My other halve likes roses but to me, they are nice in bloom but the rest of the year nothing much to look at as the foliage is rather boring unless there is varieties i havn't seen that have nice leaves.


...have a look at Myrtle 'Glanleam Gold', it might suit your purpose...


Think a shrub would be better than a tree Steve due to proximity to your window- it would be a shame to plant something then have to hack it into submission when it gets too big and you need the lights on all day in your front room!

If you were able to 'swap' that space for one a bit further from the window it would give you more scope- ie lift some paving further down your garden...

Some good choices mentioned here already.What aspect is it?  That can have a bearing on your choice too.


Good point Fairy girl , the house faces East sunny for all  morning.


Camellia no good then Steve- it'll get burnt in spring sunshine! If you went for a rose you'd be best to underplant with something else as well I know what you mean about bare stems etc. Not sure whereabouts you are in the country either Steve, which makes a difference, but Choisya ter. 'Sundance ' survives up here (west of Scotland) even in the lousy cold winters we've had in the last 3 years or so, and since it'll have a bit of protection from your house you should be ok. If you get frost/wind damage you can cut it back anyway. It's a lovely shrub.

Still think you should try making a space further from the window though!


I have a standard weeping Cotoneaster x suecicus 'Coral Beauty'

 , which is less than 2 metres high, evergreen, pretty white flowers in spring, and red berries that last into winter. Birds love it. 

I would choose an acer or maple. Such vivid colour and they come in all sizes from just a couple of feet high to very tall.


well you have certainly given me some good ideas, Thanks every body. Will have to make a list and hit the garden centres this wekend thanks again.


Although attractive to look at, Sorbus vilmorinii doesn't smell very nice when in bloom. We tend to try and keep up wind of it around May/June time.



How about a standard rose - one that flowers more than once a year underplanted by lavender or box.


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