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Peat B

I have been planning a herbal lawn to replace the traditional grass lawn on my lotty.

I recently saw a television article about a new project down London way, Islington or some place like that. It showed a beautiful patch of lawn/garden that had a stunning display of herbs, flowers and grasses. I knew I HAD to have this project ! So, I am planning for next year, to establish a radical change in growing some open sited plants. I intend to put golden marjoram in patches, thyme to complement the green and yellows, camomile mxed with colver and other lucerne based colvers, pennyroyal and oregano, plus any other suitable plant that will be providing both ground cover and wildlife areas.

I shall be sending in reports of the progress as it happens, with photographs . Is there anybody else out there who has the same idea ?


Peat B

Fine. Thanks for that !! I shall mull over, cogitate and consider that 'bump', but any thoughts of an organic bowling green will not be included!   unless one bowls white heart cabbages !

Peat B

Hi.  If 'bump' has a modenistic meaning on the ethereal net, then I am completely at a loss as to what it means. I am steam driven, and to me, the 'bump' means that the way I was going for the herbal lawn, implying simply that it won't be a smooth finish . But, I don't WANT a smooth finish !  Bumpy threads are what my gardening jumper is made from !

It sounds lovely, I am thinking about not a lawn but a seat and bought two lots of camomile and the best for spreading, in my very technical experiment is Chamaemelum nobile Flore Pleno.

I also do not know what bump means, so thanks Sara for asking.


I think Dove has fallen over or dropped her laptop . Anyway I'm glad you've started this thread. I've been toying with taking up my flagged patio for some time and was impressed by the no grass lawn that made the news. I'm a passionate gardener but mowing the lawn is akin to ironing in my book. Too many projects this year, but top of my ToDo list next year. Thyme and chamomile will be a start, but will watch your suggestions with interest. 


Dove is 'bumping up' some of the threads to push down those kitchen ads.

Thanks Nut. I saw those kitchen adverts. How do you "bump" them?

Sara, good luck with the project, don't forget to post photos

Speaking of adverts, I wrote a detailed reply to a question yesterday with photos. Went to click on submit, the Bl***y Stihl advert popped up and deleted my reply! I realise GW have to sell advertising but it shouldn't interfere with what this Forum is for. It's there again now!


QR just post the word bump - or any word you like (keep it  clean!)- and that thread will come to the top of the page and push the spam ads  down. It was particularly bad the other day- 15or so -  and as Dove is often first on in the morning she does the unpleasant and time consuming job of reporting them. I was on one morning recently and barely a thread on the first page was a gardening one. It's often worse at weekends esp Bank Holidays. If you put a comment on the spam thread it simply keeps it at the top of the page which annoys everyone. 

Thanks Fairy I'll bear that in mind. Shame about having to keep the word clean though


I started a camomile lawn last year with 6 tiny plants, alongside a path. I thought it would takes years to look half decent but it's gone mad already, I keep spreading it about and now I'm hoping to use it to edge the whole grass lawn. I love the idea of herbs for the entire lawn, but one step at a time...thanks for the idea. 


Peat B

Just taken up 8 old concrete flags from a path that leads to nowhere. Tomorrow, I hope to  ravage and rake the exposed soil and build it upwith  some compost, sand and soil, and then pop in some marjoram , and other herbs to start the lawn off. 

After the drought like conditions of earlier this summer, the lotty has taken off brilliantly with surpluses of lettuce, beans and wotnot. The old folks home nearby has almost turned veggy !

Peat B

Just popped in some marjoram into a space left by one of the concrete flags, As soon as the miissus turns the other way, I'll put in some thyme under the old lilac tree. The bee hive will have to be pacified when I go around it for the feverfew, perhaps.

A neighbour donated some 5 sq metres of surplus lawn turfs. It has enabled me to re-jig the initial set up  and be more 'organic' in the positioning of some things.



The camomile lawn got out of hand when it was alongside a path through the border so I've now moved it to a patch under the apple tree.





Looks a bit sorry for itself for now! but ever hopeful... 


Hello Mrs Garden

A friend of mine is looking to have exactly the effect of the herbs between the stepping stones.  could you let me know what you used. thank you.


Hi Peanuts, its just camomile and saxifrage.

Must put an update of the circle on soon...

Creeping month and thyme are also lovely for herbal lawns
I am having a fight today with my spell checker - that should say mint not month