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Oakley Witch

 I thought I would share this picture of my garden arch that I made before the snow hit us. I made it out of Birch. The small piece of land at the side of my house was being thinned out so had the chance to get some nice pieces of wood. 

Hello Sam

Looks good, have seen ish like yours at Ness Botanic Gardens but larger, tried to post but computer playing up.

Are you going to grow flowers up it?

Hey, nice job, should look great with some climbers growing up it. It's very satisfying to have made something and you should gets lots of pleasure from it.


That's clever, what are you going to grow over it?

May be that would be good to grow up the nasturtiums seeds from the seed swap that I sent you.

The nasturtiums would climb up nicely


Oakley Witch

I have a stunning night scented jasmine for the arch as in the woodland to the right of it is full of Honeysuckle and the smells are wonderful. My new nasturtiums are going in my big old barrel beside my french beans. I think they will look wonderful together and am looking forward to them arriving Gardengirl Yours were posted this evening so whould be with you soon.

I have a lot of scented plants in the garden and plan to have a lot more as I have a very good friend who is blind after a bike accident and like him to have the pleasure of the garden even though he cant see it.

That sound nice the bees should help your veg grow

What colour is the jasmine is it white?

I have a little flower white one - can't remember name growing up a fence looks pretty

Oakley Witch

I have a couple of white ones that I took cuttings from last year but this one has a pink flower. I have never seen it before so am hoping it will do well


thats really clever, love the little gargoyle too

Hiya Sam. I have two different honeysuckles growing up an arch as an approach to a small sitting area. Behind the seat I have a summer jasmine and you are right about the wonderful scent comi g from these plants. It's good to hear you are planning with your blind friend in mind so it's a garden he can enjoy as much as you can. Thats lovely i think. I share your desire to have as many scented plants as possible....I have, winter honeysuckle, daphne and witch hazel as well as daffodils like sweetness.... for winter and early spring. Fragrance in a garden is often overlooked. Have you thought of planting lemon citriodora....fantastic lemon scent.....and salvia elegans......strong pineapple scent.? I grow them in pots on a pathway. Very tactile plants from spring to late summer that give out strong scent when touched or brushed against. Keep us posted Sam.
Oakley Witch

I had'nt Verdun, no. They sound loverly. I love the lemon scents. I have loads of lavender and rosemary that have come from cuttings I took this year and last so Im planning on making a hedge out of them. I love herbs for cooking, magic, medicinal etc. I am hoping to have a big collection again. My last cottage, everything in the garden was there either edible or herbal. If it didn't have a use, it didn't get grown but my new garden is 4 times the size so can definitely afford to add more now

Oakley Witch

Asilvert, I have quite a collection of the little fellows and they all have names too lol

Everybody wants a homemade garden. I also have hobby of gardening and my this hobby helped in coming into the business of flower supply.

Gardening helped me in having so much knowledge about the different types of flowers and plants.

Oakley Witch
I love my lets me switch off from my business. Im lucky though. Summer is my quiet spell. My busy time is now til may or june then it slows down othervthan shows and builders.

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