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I have a tricky plot of ground to plant and would appreciate some ideas. We also live quite high up so any planting would have to be hardy. I feel that everything is out of balance at the moment and I have lots of gaps which I would like to full and Stacy lots of bees and butterflies etc.
I guess it's a windy site. Is it in sun? Shade? How big? So far, a rich purple buddleia springs to mind cos that grows most anywhere if there's sun. I'm sure we can all chip in with ideas but need bit more info
Yes,quite often windy and not much sun except for certain parts in summer when the sun is high enough. It's not a big border so I have been afraid to put in something too tall.
However I feel that it does lack height so I was thinking of putting in some climbers along the back fence.
Ok, maybe does well in part shade. A clematis called Nelly Moser prefers shade. I think buddleia will still be fine. Cotoneaster Horizontallis is an evergreen shrub with red or orange berries that will lean against a fence or wall. Clematis montana is a vigorous climber with masses of spring flowers. Is soil reasonable.? Is it dry? So,it's a part shade garden and not total shade? Aconitums are tallish herbaceous plants....growing 4 or 5 feet....with blue, purple or white flowers in mid to late summer that like some shade. Acteas are tall too with colourful foliage and scented summer flowers. If there's moisture there dogwoods will give height and colourful red stems throughout winter. Smaller plants like Astilbes, Geraniums, brunneras, Heucheras may fit that situation. The more info you give the better we can visualise your garden
The house is a new build with very poor soil, so we had to buy some to add on top in order to get any chance of growing anything! There's quite a lot of clay underneath the top soil we put in. I have some heucheras and geranium and they seem to be fine but I will look into the bigger plants you mentioned for a bit of structure.Thank you!


Sounds ideal for dogwoods then........

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