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Hello everyone

In my area there has been some extensive work done on council properties. My home has recently had external insulation added and then a thin covering of render. Now, because hanging baskets are quite heavy, I do not want to put them back on the wall and then perhaps damaging the new rendering. 

So what I was thinking was buying a half basket and attaching it to a pole. Rather like a hat stand with the half basket at the top. This way the floor will take the weight and I can just screw the basket to the wall to stop it falling over in the wind.

Does anyone know where such can be found or would I have to go to an ironmonger to get one made?


I can't help witth a supplier but you could also consider erecting a 4x4 fance post, bedded in concrete to keep it steady and then attach brackets to that to hang baskets and maybe bird feeders too.

Lucky you getting external insulation.  We're about to have it done and it's going to cost a small fortune but will be worth it for added value and almost no heating bills in the future.

The external insulation works a treat. Very warm now and I have to turn the heating off at night.

I thought about fence posts but I want something that would be more asthetically pleasing. 


How about some round posts concreted in as obelixx suggests (say 3 or 4 depending on space)with a trellis insert between so that you could stain/paint them? The hanging basket brackets could then be attached to the poles and you could stagger the heights you set them at as well as using the trellis for climbers?


You can paint fence posts too and the plants in the basket will be the main focus of attention.  You could top it with a finial to make it more decorative.


I knew you guys would come up trumps. I could even use something like clemitis to grow on the trellis..

You can get wall mounted easy fill baskets, but they need attaching to the wall before you put compost in them - I think, I've not got any of these, so don't really know.  You can also get flower pouches, you could plant these resting on the floor, so the wall is just holding them up, not actually supporting them.  Try searching for easy fill wall baskets.

Hope this helps.


lognor if you like fruit and veg you could also do strawberries/herbs/veg or something in the pouches that MMP is suggesting.

Clematis would be great - just make sure you plant them far enough out from the concrete and give them the right conditions so that they can get going.


And choose ones that don't get too big.  have alook at this site which lets you select clems by colour, flowering time, pruning group, eventual size and so on -


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