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Please suggest plants for ground cover, scented preferrably that would flower through out summer. thanks

Hardy geraniums are prob best groundcover to flower throughout the summer ..nice pink ones like Russell Pritchard, blue like Orion, Ann folkard withe yellowish foliage(very nice) and cerise flowers, Tanya Rendell with dark brown foliage studded with pink flowers

However none of these is scented....possibly others will suggest something.

How about a couple of pots of  Heliotrope..cherry pie?  Amazing scent. Or you  could interplant between the geraniums.  Put a few Regale lilies in there too....the scent in June and July is intoxicating.

Would look good and smell good......?


Geranium macrorrhizum is great low ground cover for sun or shade. Flowers on and off all summer, especially it u shear it back a bit after first flush. Flowers aren't scented, but foliage smells lovely. Good but not invasive spreader and easy to propagate - literally almost anything with some stem wil root - so cheap way to fill space too. I've got white, pale pink and deep pink versions. Its my go-to guy for colourful ground cover, especially in difficult conditions.


You beat me to it, Auntie Betty. And best of all, it is evergreen, with the leaves developing a red tinge through the winter, and it divides easily. I have a dozen or more now. 

Also think about heucheras. Evergreen, and although they don't flower all summer there. Are some superb foliage colours. 


I do find many heucheras flower on and on if you snip the spent flower stems off promptly. And there's so many fab ones to try! Great plants - rude not to have a few, surely?

A lot of herbs such as oregano , marjoram and thyme make good ground cover and smell wonderful.

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