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I have just bought 2 large teak planters to go at either side of my garden bench and now need some ideas for what to put in them. At the rear is a high wall and although it is north facing it is quite sheltered. I need something evergreen which will grow to about 10ft which is the height of the wall and bush out a bit to soften the wall. Any ideas please. I do have a clump forming bamboo in another part of the garden which I could try splitting but not sure if it would be suitable for containers?


You'll need to give us an idea of the size of the planters really as that will determine what can be grown successfully.  Tall shrubs and trees etc generally only do well in large containers and many plants are not suitable.


They're are 55 x 55 x 60 cms

Blue Onion

I don't think that's quite big enough for anything you want to grow 10ft tall.  The weight of the pot would not be enough to keep it upright in a strong wind.. and you would have to water twice a day to support a plant that size with such a small root system.  

What about something smaller?  Maybe something scented, but not over powering?  

Camelias grow well in containers, are evergreen and will grow 6' easily.

deciduous subjects are easier....miscanthus varieties will grow 7' in one season.  

I agree for a 10' plant those pots are not big enough.  Does it have to be that tall?  You dont need to hide the entire wall do you?



Thanks for the replies. No I dont need to hide the wall so whatever I choose doesnt need to be as tall as the wall. An evergreen is a must and I must admit I hadnt thought of a camelia. Would they grow in a sheltered but not sunny area? With regard to the planters would I need to line them with plastic?

Camellias should grow well there and you can get them in flower now.  Lidl are selling decent size plants at £10.  Flowering may not be great though if too much shade.

aucuba is another evergreen you could consider

no, I would not line the planters rubber

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