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Where i have planted bulbs,do i need to leave these places free from plants or can i plant on top and allow the shoots to grow through?

Hiya coys

Daffodils like...and be planted deeply so you could plant under other plants.  However, I personally dont like this.  You would  not plant an evergreen on top, for example, as it would be spoiled by bulbs' foliage.  

I would plant bulbs to the side of other things. Or vice versa, plants to the side of bulbs.   Couple of reasons for this.....they don't spoil the neighbouring plant and you can easily lift amd divide bulbs in the future as they  multiply.  And they surely a couple of years your stocks will increase dramatically amd you will have bulbs, ESP daffs, to spread around your garden.

It's a personal's not critical really and others will have different ideas.



This it so far,i have a small bit of room for a few more but not sure what yet.I had already planted the niger christmas rose so will have to decide wether to leave them be or pot them up.




Coys, have you got your bulbs yet?  If not I would just get a few medium size daffs with great scent like cheerfulness and plant just alomgside your plants. Then  three  or four hyacinths....their scent is wonderful. A few crocus ....and, when you see little pots of them flowering in the early spring a couple of snowdrops. Leave a space for a couple of Regale lilies that flower in June...their scent too is wow!  None of these will take up too much room.  Since space is limited you could plant daffodils and pot them up after flowerimg and move them elsewhere for the summer...?  You can do this with lilies too.

Because your bed is by your door scent is a must.  

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