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why bother what wrong with real grass or if you dont want to cut it that often sow slowgrow

Precision Greens wrote (see)


I am new to this forum looking for great discussion on artificial and synthetic grass

Spam - Precision Greens is the name of an American company installing synthentic putting greens etc.


Well done Dove.  I thought it was a dodgy posting and either something like that or our favourite troll.


does that mean we won't be having a deep and meaningful discussion about green plastic carpets?



I had some lino once but it was not green-do not have any pictures to share.

Bunny ...
Hehe Lino grass , mop it over instead of mowing, might be ideal

I did see a garden with green painted concrete around a little flower bed

Bunny ...
Be good for muddy dog paws

There's a little cinema on the quayside at Woodbridge in Suffolk - it had/has (I've not been for a while) seats outside for people to have cups of tea, scones, ice creams etc - imagine little white wooden tables, colourful parasols, planters with flowers and a carpet of 'Astroturf'' - until we had floods and the river over-ran the quayside and the Astroturf floated, in one huge sheet, down the River Deben and out to sea LOL  

An unusal hazard to shipping 

Bunny ...
Yes grass ahoy would be yelled
When I did long some long distance sailing, a good tip was to train your dog to do its business on a square of AstroTurf on deck. The astro turf square was tethered to the boat by a line, so when it had been...deployed, it was chucked overboard to sluice off, then pulled back on deck.
Which sort of avoided shi**ing hazards.
Also remember the American baseball player who, when asked whether he preferred grass or AstroTurf, replied "Can't say, never smoked AstroTurf."


Caz W

Spam Ahoy!!!! Thank you Mr Greens for giving us all a good laugh tonight


Ditto and  hahaha