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In Joe Swift's garden design section in this week's Gardener's World, there was an interesting-looking path. It was made of long thin strips of stone, slate maybe? Laid in lines going across the direction of the path. Perhaps 1-2 inches wide. I need to build a path, and would like to make one like this, but an hour on the Internet hasn't turned up either the material or the method. Where should I look?


Have you tried local salvage merchants? You might get some insipration from them and probably at a cheaper price  and delivery

HI  have you tried b&q, an wickes is a good place for all kinds , hope this helps, good luck with your progect.

Had checked b&q and wickets, thanks though Hadn't considered salvage merchants- spent a really enjoyable hour marvelling at what's available on salvage websites. But as I don't really know what I'm looking for, neither was that helpful! The path looked something like this.
Or like the beautiful paths on this website.



I know what path you mean, it did look great. All i know that it is slate and you can get similar for the home, it comes in blocks so its easier to lay. 

Really? Where did you see the paving? How exciting that someone's seen it!

hi abim have you tried to email gardeners world an asked for some information on the paths or stones you are looking for,they might be able to help you.hope so


the only ones I've seen are for walls I'm afraid.try googling slate ledger.

I like this style of path too, and to recreate the look i think you will have to lay roofing slate on its edge.a nice weekend project I think.

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