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I am looking at making a short wall in my garden for a raised flowerbed, the wall will be approx 6" in height.

I want to keep the cottage garden type feel, so I don't want anything that will be too uniform.

Can anyone recommend any materials?, Im not sure what to go for, I would go with a grey colour, or even a yellowish colour would be ok.



Steve 309

Stones?  Preferably local, arranged into a little wall to contain the bed.  If it's only 6" high you could probably get away without mortaring them together.

Or a wooden beam (from an old house roof) or railway sleeper?

Bricks, arranged on a slant?

I have used both stones and wooden beams in my garden. I think they both look good.

We had a lot of sandstone around and arranged it into a raised wall.

You can get joists too which are quite good turned on side, they look similar to sleepers but can be cheaper.

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