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I work at sea 8 months of a year and my back garden consists of grey stone slate chips and decking. I have troughs and tubs of veg and herbs along the back frence I would like to have a row of mini-fruit tress that grow no more than 2.5m high. In tubs. I intend to have an electronic watering system so thatthe trees are watered whwn I am at sea. I am struggling locally to find a grower who has such trees and suitable conbtainers. I could be looking at 12-20 trees, apple, pear plum, etc. Can anyone guide me to a suitable grower who can provide such trees? Local garden centres have trees but they are expensive and I would rather deal direct with a grower. many thanks and I look forward to replies. Cheers Neil

Hiya or arch. Deacons on,isle of wight are great for all fruit trees and bushes. Get their catalogue. They supply mail order. I have ordered from them and a friend now has an orchard of apples, pears, plums, cherries,figs, peaches,and apricots. Deacons will supply trees on different root stocks and advise on pollination, etc. local nurseries are not in the same league. Just look for Deacons, Isle of WIght.
Meant to say hiya. Rovarch

Many thanks for the contact. I will certainly be in touch with them. I was struggling to find any trees where I live or advice



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