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hello everyone im a'newbie' to the site! Im in process of landscaping another section of my garden this spring and fancy a mound lawn as featured in march issue of G.W. I wondered if anyone has tried this and if they had turfed the lawn, which is what I plan to do??


Hello EvergreenQueen

Lovely idea. It crossed my mind but I was put off by all the earth moving required. I'd have turfed, any rain could have washed the seed to the bottom before it germinated.

thanks N thats something i hadnt thought of. I have lots of soil to remove to get the lawn flat so the mound would be easier in that respect!


How big is this going to be EQ?



As someone who once had to mow a mound-dont know what you are looking at-but bear that in mind-it is not straightforward

Yes S have considered the mowing bit and know how easy it is to scalp a" not very flat lawn"!!


hi evergreen there was a gardening program a while ago on someone  with a lawn mound mind you it looked like a giant ant hill and when they stood on top,well they could see for miles also all the neigbors gardens, so let us know how you get on.very interesting.

Hi chica missed that one but not planning a massive mound anyway, more likely to be my very watered down version!!

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