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How do I start on a patio and build a brick wall it's the first time I done this

Reading an article about this is fine but if you have never done anything like this before I trust you have lots of confidence and a lots of know-how

Remember there are skilled tradespeople who do things like this for a living-skilled being the operative word.

Let us know if you go ahead-it may not be an ideal project for a complete novice.

Muvs Dashwood

Stephen, my daughter laid our patio and learned a great deal doing it. We can't afford professionals and have to rely on ourselves. We used a basket weave patio mold and she mixed the concrete in a bucket and poured each slab herself. The last ones were definately better - but I like it a bit higgeldy. If your using pre-made slabs it isn't overly difficult as long as you're prepared for some bits to go wrong and have to be done again. Bed them in sand, take care over the levels, don't rush and give it a go I say. Everyone starts somewhere and if your happy that is is not perfect perfect then why not. Youtube has some great 'how to's'.

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