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Am going for a hobbit house star gaze lily. I want to make the little space I've got rather magical...I'll have the local kids thinking I have fairies at the bottom of the garden at this rate...

star gaze lily

Ooops sorry, hi Sessi, pleased to meat you.  


I do like your photo tho....altho the roots on my tree would prohibit me from doing this and the trunk is very wide also


I've just scanned quickly over the posts, so forgive me if anyone has mentioned "heave" before. If the tree is removed, all the water which it used to soak up from the ground, and that'll be a lot of water,  will be left in the ground, which CAN, I'm not saying WILL, swell up and actually have the reverse effect of subsidence, ie the ground CAN rise.

Seek professional advice , perhaps the Tree preservation officer at your local council. Tree surgeons are more inclined to say , have it out, but the TPO gains nothing from giving impartial advice. Once it's gone, it's too late to change your mind.

As my dear late mother would have said " Act in haste: repent at leisure." 

star gaze lily

Sounds lovely Sessi, look forward to pics of your garden 



Hi Hostafan,

Never heard of heave. Will speak to the TPO thanks!


Have you heard of Woodblocx? They make fantastic raised beds that look fantastic! They were on Dragon's Den a couple of years ago, and my wife and I recently saw they had a website. Well worth clicking the link and having a look Hope this helps. 


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